It’s Red Nose Day!


Severe allergy sufferers are more than aware: allergy season is starting sooner and lasting longer. And it’s not your imagination–it’s getting worse. Studies are finding that many areas are getting a bigger pollen load, leading to increased suffering. Here’s how to stay healthier this allergy season with support from colloidal silver.

Start by reducing exposure. Make a no shoes in the house policy (in addition to tree gunk, they bring in a ton of toxins, allergens, and just general dirt!). Severe allergy sufferers should work layers, and have an outer layer they remove indoors that can also remove all the pollen.

Don’t overestimate indoor air quality—change your filters, sweep out dust bunnies, and make sure you cover safety basics like checking for carbon monoxide and radon. Cleaning your vents out can cost a couple hundred bucks (depending on quantity), but it can remove allergens and improve how your air system functions.

If you’re stuffed up, it’s time to start managing secondary side-effects on top of the allergies themselves. Ear infections, sinus infections, even pneumonia can start to grow when your sinuses are chronically clogged and moist.

Clear out your sinuses with a daily neti pot rinse, or tackle a clog with a full sinus flood (which not only loosens deep, thick mucus but delivers direct immune support with colloidal silver).

Deep cleaning your sinuses with liquid works better than blowing—it’s gentler and more thorough, so you can focus on something else for a bit or just get some sleep. More thoroughly removing allergens can also help combat the nasal swelling that happens at night.

Stay on top of allergies and the infections they can cause this summer with plenty of colloidal silver and a sinus flooding kit.


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