It’s likely most of us are fighting against some degree of inflammation and could benefit by turning our attention to it and making a decided effort to reduce it. But where to begin? The secret to reducing inflammation is to stop it from as many sources as possible.

You might see a specialist who finds one source of inflammation, like poor diet. Unfortunately, many of us experience many different triggers for inflammation, so fixing just one source isn’t enough! Living a healthy lifestyle is a general way to fight inflammation, but let’s pull that apart:

Diet, as mentioned, can be a source of inflammation. Certain foods might be triggering it in the gut (“food intolerances”, allergies, etc.), or it could just be a poor diet (processed foods that are hard to break down). Eating more fruits and vegetables or just trying to stick to healthy ingredients can help reduce inflammation. If you know you have gut inflammation, make sure any supplements you take are the easier to digest bioavailable kind—it’s nicer for your gastrointestinal system, and it makes it easier for your struggling gut to absorb nutrients.

Try to reduce or avoid environmental triggers for inflammation. You may not be able to avoid it at work, but around your house you can check for mold, choose natural, gentler cleaning agents, and clear out allergens.

Not sleeping enough can lead to a build up of inflammation. When we sleep, our body and brain perform a bunch of maintenance—that’s why we want to sleep more when we’re feeling sick, we need more maintenance. Not getting enough sleep/rest makes it harder for our body to fight disease and clear out inflammation! Not getting enough sleep can also increase mental stress and anxiety, which are another source of inflammation. Make sure that in addition to enough sleep, you take time to decompress and fight the stress in your life.

Some inflammation is good—it helps break down old, damaged, or sick cells so they can be replaced with healthier ones. Exercise is a good source of inflammation. But if that process goes too long, it becomes another problem. Make sure you support your body as it defends itself from pathogens and heals with colloidal silver. Not only has colloidal silver been used for centuries as a supplement to fight pathogens, but it’s been used directly on skin to aid and support healing.

Modern living means we are all fighting inflammation. Start small—choose one or two ways to reduce it. Inflammation can take weeks to begin to heal, so don’t wait and take action today.

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