Hot and humid—it’s the perfect recipe for a surge in ticks, and many areas are issuing warnings and reminders. With tick season already booming in many areas following a mild winter, this hot, humid summer weather is making things worse. So stay on top of tick season, and keep supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

Don’t trust these false beliefs about tick season:

False: Ticks are only in tall grass, and only a concern for people heading into “nature”.

True: Ticks are in your backyard, and your family pet may bring them into your home. The range of ticks is spreading, new homes are pushing up against wild areas, and animals can bring ticks into your yard (or home!). Long grass does have more ticks—but it only takes one bite.

False: Deer are the main carriers of ticks.

True: Mice, voles, chipmunks, and other mammals (including your own dog after a romp in the grass) can carry ticks. Dogs can even catch Lyme Disease!

False: There are many ways to remove ticks, including smothering and burning.

True: Only remove ticks by grabbing them at the base (like with tweezers) and pulling them out in a straightforward way. Other methods may scare or destroy the tick, making it more likely to release any diseases it’s carrying.

False: If you get Lyme Disease you’ll know from the bullseye rash you get.

True: Lyme Disease’s bullseye rash actually occurs in less than half of cases, and there are many other diseases you may get. It’s important to always do tick checks so you can get early medical intervention if symptoms develop.

False: Ticks and Lyme Disease are mainly a problem of the Northeast and South.

True: Ticks are everywhere, and more than half of US counties have Lyme Disease—others have other tick borne illnesses including babesiosis, another germ that causes red meat allergies, and other cousins to Lyme Disease.

Prevent tick bites by creating a border around your yard to keep out wild animals. Use insect repellent and long sleeves and pants to prevent tick bites while camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Make sure to keep supporting your immune system all summer long with colloidal silver.


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