This Fashion Trend May is Causing Infection


Everyday, your feet sweat, a lot. It might be more when it’s warm and less when it’s cold, but there’s a lot of moisture coming off of them regardless. For men following a new “bare” trend, flashing ankles with no sock in their shoe, they’re leaving their feet sitting in a lot of water. Do it a little, and your feet will stink. Do it often, and you’re likely to pick up a fungal infection (in fact, fungal infection rates are rising following the new sockless trend), do it too much and you might even develop the more severe trench foot.

Socks help wick water away from your feet, keeping them dry. Water, darkness, and warmth are the ideal breeding ground for fungal infections. You don’t have to go barefoot at the gym to get Athlete’s Foot, just in your own shoes.

If you love feeling your piggies wiggle and can’t imagine a sock line, reduce your risk of infection by taking care of your shoes. If you can alternate so that you wear socks some days, good. If not, just alternate the shoes you wear, allowing them at least a day to dry out. You can help keep your shoes fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray. Made with a short list of identifiable ingredients, it’s safe for your bare feet once dry (barring allergies). It immediately covers the smell of shoes that might be a bit odorous after a long day of bare feet with a burst of peppermint, and fights those smells with germ-fighting colloidal silver.

You may look good with no socks, but there’s a smell waiting when you take off your shoes. Be polite, be ready with Smelly Shoe Spray.

If a fungal infection does develop, colloidal silver is also available as a supplement to help support your immune system from the inside out as it fights the infection.

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