There are many types of ticks, and even more types of tick-borne disease. Most famously deer ticks spread Lyme Disease, and in recent history this has been concentrated in the Northeastern US, but no more—ticks and their diseases are spreading across the US year by year. Keep your yard tick free, be aware of the ticks in your area or neighboring areas, and support your immune system with colloidal silver.

Lyme Disease has been spreading west for several years now—but at least it’s treatable. New and concerning is the spread of the Lone Star Tick, whose bite triggers a severe allergy to red meat (usually a reaction delayed by several hours). As ticks get comfy living in more places and humans build homes in areas and create conditions that spur more tick bites—it’s important to do what we can about ticks, including spreading tick bite awareness.

First, prevent tick bites by making your yard less friendly to ticks and tick carrying critters by removing tall grass, rock piles where small mammals hide, and creating borders between your yard and nature (to keep out deer and buffer tall grass). When you go out into nature, wear long pants and sleeves (light linen or similar in the summer) and use bug spray.

Pets can get bit and carry ticks into the home, so be sure to support their health, too. Grooming your yard to prevent ticks, doing tick checks for dogs and more can help reduce the chances they bring ticks to you.

Know the tick stages: during early spring and summer, ticks are tiny—as small as a poppy seed. They get bigger over the season. But they spend a lot of time being hard to spot. Tick borne illness from a tick bite can take weeks before symptoms kick in, so don’t skip tick checks (or getting ticks you find checked for Lyme Disease).

Support your immune system. In some areas, tick bites are inevitable. In others, they’re more rare and easily missed. On top of prevention you need to be prepared—taking care of your health helps your body, and immune system specifically, function better so it’s more prepared when you come into contact with a disease, including those from ticks. You can do more to support your immune system with colloidal silver.


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