What Is Colloidal Silver Good For?

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Colloidal silver is one of the most versatile health-supporting supplements that you can keep stocked in your home. Used for centuries before antibiotics to support the immune system, silver was also sometimes used to extend the shelf-life of food, as well as support skin healing and more. 

What is colloidal silver good for? Many things! Besides using colloidal silver as a daily supplement, you can support skin, more safely support your respiratory system, and even support pet health.

Colloidal silver has been used for infections, hay fever, skin conditions, and many other conditions. Colloidal silver has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin and may be helpful for treating skin infections.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Before answering “what is colloidal silver good for” we need to cross “what is colloidal silver” off the list. Unfortunately, some things claim to be colloidal silver that are actually ionic silver products or silver proteins, which are not as safe or useful as pure colloidal silver.

True, pure colloidal silver has only two ingredients: silver and water. The “colloidal” part of the name refers to the silver being suspended in water, not dissolved or fixed with another ingredient. You can tell the difference on site—true colloidal silver will reflect light off the suspended particles, and have a gray/blue (never clear) color.

Historically, What Was Colloidal Silver Good For?

Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was a catch-all immune supporting tool—at least for those who had access to it. When antibiotics were discovered they were cheaper, and generally easy to make accessible to all—so they became more popular than colloidal silver.

But up to that point, colloidal silver had many of the jobs that antibiotics now have, like supporting skin as it heals, protecting a newborn’s eyes, and supporting healing in many other ways.

Many would have answered “what is colloidal silver good for” with a long list of uses!

What Is Colloidal Silver Good For Today?

Although less well-known and popular than it once was, many still know what is colloidal silver good for, and are taking advantage of its immune support, helping to heal their skin, and more.

High-quality colloidal silver is made of nano silver suspended in water. Nanosilver, in fact, is used in many places today, from food storage containers to sports gear (often marketed as “germ-resistant” or “odor-resistant”). You can even find silver—at least a cheap form of it—in topical creams, made to aid burn healing, as well as some medications.

At home, what is colloidal silver good for is much simpler—you can spray or dab it directly onto skin to support healing, you can take it to support your immune system, or you can substitute it in self-maintenance devices like your neti pot (add a few drops to purified water) or a nebulizer (you only need the colloidal silver).

What Animals Is Colloidal Silver Good For?

If you have pets, you can support their immune systems with colloidal silver, too. What animals is colloidal silver good for? People have shared many stories about using colloidal silver to support their dogs and cats.

A small amount of colloidal silver can help support outdoor pets, or pets who share a household with a sick pet (which sometimes happens with cats). Just add a drop or two to their water bowl.

Rescues, especially, may benefit from the extra support of colloidal silver. They often have health issues on the inside and the outside—with skin problems, eye problems, sinus problems, unhealthy teeth, and more. Colloidal silver is a support tool as you help pets get and stay healthy.

What Else Is Colloidal Silver Good For?

If you’re new to colloidal silver, you may still be trying to figure out what else colloidal silver is good for. Many people take a small amount of colloidal silver each day for ongoing support. Others take a larger amount of colloidal silver as needed—when they suspect they’re about to get sick, have eaten something bad, or were otherwise exposed.

Some use colloidal silver to support clearer, healthy skin, or on bandages, or they add a little to their daily neti pot rinse. You can use colloidal silver in a nebulizer to get support to your entire respiratory system. Or, for a deep clean of the sinuses, you can flood them with colloidal silver and soak out deep, hard-to-tackle mucus (it’s called a Sinus Flood, and there’s a kit for that).

What is colloidal silver good for? So many things! It’s a versatile, easy-to-use, shelf-stable, high-quality immune-supporting supplement. Make sure you have enough on hand for everyone in your household.


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