PillsEveryone was excited about Gilead’s new Hepatitis C drug that would be a cure for most people—then they were excited with rage when they saw the price tag—$1,000 a pill and a three month treatment course, and no insurance companies willing to cover it.

It’s been fading out of the headlines—so what’s happened since?

Gilead is about to sign a deal with poor countries to manufacture their Hepatitis C drug. The cost it will be sold at? $900. Not per pill, for the whole treatment (vs. $84,000 here).

If you’re thinking of doing a little medical tourism—be alert that Hepatitis C is far more common in those same countries, and things aren’t as sterile. If you bring your family along, avoid things like pedicures, or you may have to make a return trip! And make sure you read about how to be safe wherever you go—ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting medical treatment. There is risk involved.

Not up to flying across the world? There’s still hope the American market might see better pricing. Achillion, another drug manufacturer, has their own Hep C drug their pushing to get approved. Hopefully a little competition will drive prices down.

In the meantime, make sure you support your immune system. Hepatitis C weakens your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to other diseases, both minor and major. It also slowly works on your liver—so keep your immune system strong so it can fight it as much as possible, and try and support your liver (eat lots of antioxidants and avoid things like Acetaminophen and alcohol).

Support your immune system by taking better care of yourself than the average person. Sleep more, eat better, make sure you’re taking a high quality daily multivitamin, and consider other immune supporting supplements like colloidal silver.

Are you keeping track of the new Hep C drugs? Are you waiting on price, planning medical tourism, or saving up?


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