Worried Man At ComputerIf you’re following the headlines, you may notice that there are health problems from every angle; ticks that spread Lyme Disease are in half of US counties, and still spreading. Mosquitoes are spreading some pretty serious viruses, two of them are already in the US: Chik-V and Dengue Fever, and both are pretty painful. Health alerts about increased stroke risk, increased diabetes risk, and more are going out. There’s been a lot of food recalls this winter, and a lot of related illnesses. And antibiotic resistance isn’t just a mounting problem, it’s very much here.

Some things are within your control (avoiding areas with infected mosquitoes, exercising and seeing a doctor regularly, paying attention to what you eat…) and some things aren’t (the spread of ticks and mosquitoes, eating things before a recall is made, other people who go out when sick…). One thing you can do is support yourself.

When you’re younger, you might be more physically fit. But you also take more risk—more all nighters, more ignoring sniffles, more indulging in eating whatever you want. As people age, things get toned down—a good night’s sleep becomes priority, and you pay more attention to what you eat, and that balances out an aging, weakening immune system.

But with all these diseases, health problems, and other concerns closing in, people of all ages need an extra boost (like colloidal silver!), and more attention paid to health basics (nutrition, sleep, exercise). Immune support is a good starting point, because it’s broad support, and comes with following essential recommendations, like getting more exercise, before chasing down and worrying over each thing that may or may not be coming your way!

And once you have that first layer of support, you can start supporting yourself in other ways—trimming back tall grass in your yard where ticks may hang out, places where mosquitoes may breed (be sure to check out nooks and crannies—they’re a favorite of the breed that is a vector for the worst diseases). Watching the news to know what has made it to your city (LA is being watched closely for Zika, other major cities for that, and more, including tuberculosis, antibiotic resistant strains, etc.).

Lists are a great way to tackle a problem. So here’s how to start yours:

-Follow your doctor’s recommendations for nutrition and exercise (but maybe question antibiotic prescriptions)
Sleep as much as your body demands, at least 7 hours.
-Tack on some extra immune support, like colloidal silver
-Figure out what your biggest local risks are (On a coast? Ticks. Somewhere tropical? Mosquitoes. Etc.), then take standard steps for prevention—it really does go a long way!
-Reevaluate your travel plans.

What headlines worry you? Let’s talk it out in the comments:


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