What’s a nebulizer? It takes a liquid and turns it into a breathable mist, and it’s an invaluable tool when dealing with any respiratory problems.

You don’t need a prescription to get a nebulizer. Sometimes, people will get a prescription for a meication to nebulize (ERs love writing scripts for steroids) but there are lots of other options for whole respiratory support before it gets to that point!

And it is whole respiratory support. Lungs might be what come to mind when you hear about nebulizers because they have an association with asthmatics, but when you breathe in that support it goes through your whole sinus cavity, your throat, your mouth (if you alternate with mouth breathing), and then your lungs.

Support to Hard to Reach Places

If you can’t get air through your congestion, a sinus flood is a great way to get the gunk out, but it fills your sinus cavities only until you can just taste the solution. Gargling is a popular home remedy for sore throats (and many, when taking their colloidal silver daily supplement, will gargle and rinse their tonsils before swallowing), but unless you’ve really figured out how to shift and breathe to be an expert, you’re not reaching all the tissue. And supplements work great, but have to make their way through the gut and will be a little slower when you’re looking for specific support (instead of whole body!).

Entire the nebulizer: reach all those places, and more, all at once. In fact, you’ll even get a little bit of contact with your eyes from the extra mist. Why’s that important? Because most diseases, including colds and flus, are transmitted through the eyes, nose, and mouth. That’s where you need targeted support during cold and flu season!

What to Use

Never out tap water in your nebulizer, even if it’s been boiled and cooled. Since the mist is going to reach your lungs, the rules are a lot stronger than what you get for a sinus rinse or sinus flood. Purified water and salt for pH, or (even easier—no measuring and mixing!) colloidal silver.

You might already have colloidal silver at home since it works well as a daily supplement, as support for minor skin complaints like sunburn, bites, scratches and acne, and more. With a nebulizer, you have a tool you can bring out whenever you need to take that support further.

The humidity you breathe in from the nebulizer is instant relief when you’re sick (or just fast action if you got sneezed or coughed on!). And most people notice the support of colloidal silver pretty quickly as they go through their day. A nebulizer is a good tool to have on hand, so make sure you have one in your arsenal of health supporting tools.

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