Why You Need Summer Immune Support


Woman Enjoying SummerWhether you’re playing in your own yard or exploring the great outdoors, there are a number of reasons to keep your immune system strong this summer. Some are rare, some are common, but by being prepared, you can maximize your summer fun, and minimize days spent with a fever during the hottest time of the year.

The Common:

Ear Infections: Swimming (in pools, lakes, or rivers) can cause ear infections. Sometimes because of water that gets retained in the ear canal, sometimes because the water is dirty and transmits bacteria or fungus to the perfect breeding ground (ear canals can be small, dark, and full of dead skin—add moisture for a perfect storm).

Summer ear infections can also come from fighting off a surplus of allergies, and the mucus overflow that comes with them. Get on a plane and it might just be enough to tip things over the edge.

Keeping sinuses clear can help prevent ear infections by removing mucus that might block the drainage tube connected to your ears.

Supporting your immune system also helps!

Sunburn: Besides the skin damage and pain, sunburns can cause headaches and fevers. Not only does that kill the fun, it can also mask symptoms of other diseases (like those from a bug bite).

Don’t forget sunscreen! You can support your skin directly with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has long been used to treat burns, so don’t miss out if you’ve got some around! I always apply colloidal silver after washing off sunscreen, burn or no burn.

The Uncommon:

It’s rare, but you don’t want any of these to happen to you! So be informed, and be prepared!

MRSA: Some bug bites can transmit this hard to cure antibiotic resistant bacteria. Watch for the a red rash spot around the bug bite that persists for a long time, as well as fever and pain. (And don’t confuse it with the bullseye rash of a tick bite that transmitted Lyme Disease!)

The Plague: Yep, you read about it in history books, and it might be in your own backyard. Quite a few states (including California, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) have the right conditions to generate plague bacteria, which are then transmitted by fleas.

Cats can help chase flea ridden rodents off your property, but that’s just one line of defense. Every year, a few people catch the plague.

Watch for fever, and seek medical attention. Luckily, the plague’s not antibiotic resistant so it’s not half as scary as it was hundreds of years ago.

Rabies: Get preventative treatment if any wild animal bites you, but especially bats (or if there’s just the possibility a bat bit you, like you wake up to find one in your house—bat bites can be hard to see).

There’s some research about late-stage rabies treatment, but it’s not in the US yet.

Whatever summer exposes you to, face it prepared. Eating well (now’s the perfect time to chow down on fruits and veggies), sleeping enough, and getting extra support from colloidal silver will help you feel well and strong and energetic for your adventures!


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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