The worst is over. You got through flu-like symptoms (AKA a virus like cold, croup, pertussis, or flu itself). The sneezing, coughing, aches and fatigue that knocked you out, the fever when it peaked, it’s behind you… mostly. With many viruses, coughing, clogged, green-mucus filled sinuses, fatigue and other symptoms can linger, sometimes for up to three months. But don’t get used to them and ignore it… keep treating those flu-like symptoms!

The only real treatment for a virus is rest and immune support, but those are even more important (not less) once you’ve already been sick. Secondary infections are where things can really get serious… that’s when your cough turns into bronchitis or pneumonia, or your clogged sinuses become a sinus or ear infection. Usually it’s due to bacterial growth from the mucus creating a warm, wet, trapped space. For some (like the elderly), these secondary infections are when the real trouble starts.

And there’s a second risk from lingering symptoms: it means your immune system is still working, and in a weakened state. An outside illness like another cold, flu, or some other current outbreak is more likely to take hold on top of the last one. While you might feel well enough to go out into the world and return to work, stay on guard with extra hand-washing and daily immune support.

Fight back against congestion, coughs, and more with help from colloidal silver. Use it as daily immune support, or as more direct support. In a sinus flood, you soak all the gunk in your sinuses with colloidal silver to loosen and remove it while simultaneously offering direct immune support. If you already do a sinus rinse, add a few drops of colloidal silver to make it more effective.

Or pull out your nebulizer, and use colloidal silver for direct lung support (the moisture makes a huge difference when you’re coughing all the time). As long as you don’t have an allergy to silver (most people know from experience with jewelry), it’s lung-safe.

Keep fighting against flu-like symptoms to prevent further illness; do it with help from colloidal silver.

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