While this year is better than last year (re: flu season), it’s still being called severe by experts, and flu is considered widespread in several states. To make matters worse, several other viruses are in wide circulation, so your immune system may not be getting much of a break this winter. Make sure to keep up daily immune support with colloidal silver.

Tracking the flu can be difficult—when a disease quickly wipes you out and the best recommendation is to take to bed for rest and fluids, most flu cases aren’t reported. Google made a good effort tracking online searches for a few years (until the CDC said no). Flu statistics are now largely based off of severe symptoms (hospitalizations and deaths)—and there’s been more than enough of those this season, so make sure that you’re ready for the flu.

Flu symptoms are used to describe most viral illnesses—fever, aches, malaise, etc. Influenza is a respiratory illness, so it also includes coughing, sneezing, chest/back pain (from coughing) and complications like pneumonia. The biggest flu symptom that distinguishes the flu from other viruses is how quickly fly symptoms start and how severe they are. A cold, by comparison, may take a few days and you’ll likely be functional enough to go to work.

You should support your immune system with rest, water, and good nutrition—you’re more likely to get sick, have worse symptoms, and be sick longer if you don’t. You can do more by adding colloidal silver to your routine.

But you might need more support. If you’ve got the flu, you’re probably not going to work, and may end up home alone—and that requires a different sort of preparation:

-Stock up on bottled water (or fill some large water bottles at least once per day). Be able to keep yourself hydrated without dragging yourself out of bed.

-Have a few pantry snacks—nuts or other high protein low sugar snacks—that you can munch on.

-Make a medicine box/basket with pain/fever relievers (if you like), colloidal silver, a sinus flooding kit, tissues, and other illness support.

-Keep your phone nearby, and have a way to keep it charged. If your symptoms worsen, have help a button away (or a voice command if you set up your digital assistant).

Flu season is far from over. Make sure to continue to support your immune system with colloidal silver.

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