You Need More Immune Support After Surgery


It should seem obvious, but it’s only now being confirmed—surgery is hard on the body, and during healing, you need more support to prevent further illness from getting in. In a new study, the link between surgical cancer removal and new cancer in other locations in the body has been pinned to the strain the immune system is under. For some people, that strain is harder than others.

Surgery is often necessary, so the good news is, that at least in mice, risk may be mitigated with aspirin to prevent breast cancer from regrowing while the body heals (according to the study).

But there are still other questions. Likely, all surgeries/healing are putting strain on the immune system. What other risks are we ignoring, and how can we prevent them? Hospital acquired infection is a serious and growing concern, especially with the rise and spread of superbugs, and past policy of antibiotics as prevention has proven short sided (even if, frustratingly, likely necessary). Researchers need to find more and better ways to support healing in the body.

Patients can take some responsibility, too. There are some general ways to boost your immune system that doctors have long been pushing, like eating right. After surgery or other treatments that are stressful on the body, following those good health recommendations is more important than ever. When your doctor clears you, pick up some moderate exercise (a couple minutes at a time supports overall health, but more intensity is required for heart health). And during healing, sleep is critical immune support.

Then there’s other things you can do, like keeping stress levels down, and doing things that cheer or inspire you. Don’t forget daily immune support from colloidal silver, either–give your body every source of support you have.

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