You’ll Want To Be Doing this To Your Toothbrush!


Toothbrush PairShare a bathroom? Every time you brush your teeth, there’s something you should be doing: cleaning your toothbrush. If you just rinse it under the faucet, that helps, but it’s not enough!

You might have seen Mythbusters or chain emails about putting the lid of the toilet down before flushing. The thing is, according to new research, if you share a bathroom, you’re sharing fecal germs with each other via your toothbrushes. Don’t worry, we’ve got things you can do to make it not so gross.

If you’re not a morning person, you might have become hyper-efficient about getting ready in the morning so you can sleep in as long as possible. One common strategy is moving a coffee pot to the bathroom counter—so the smell can wake you up while you shower, and so you can get to it faster. Use some boiling water it provides to clean your toothbrush occasionally.

Or try doing a regular clean of all your personal care items (a great idea anyway, especially if anyone in the house has a weakened immune system or is sick). Some items can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, others, like your toothbrush, by boiling. Most items should be regularly replaced.

Copy high-end items and add a little silver: every time you brush your teeth, add a spray of colloidal silver to your toothbrush. According to researchers, the counter-intuitive move of leaving your toothbrush out is the best way to store it. It allows it to dry completely rather than encourage bacteria growth by storing it somewhere dark where it won’t dry completely. Spray the silver and let it dry on there too.

Most germs that end up on your toothbrush won’t be too different from your gut bacterial colony, which is why people aren’t getting sick from brushing their teeth everyday. But periodically, stronger germs make their way to your toothbrush, raising the risk of stomach upset a little—or if you have a weakened immune system, raising the risk a lot.

You can support your immune system with colloidal silver, and, since it’s going in your mouth, probiotics. Flossing will also help to get rid of a lot of the germs hanging out in your mouth!

And all that immune support will double as being handy for picnic season!

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