The best way to handle a kidney infection is before it starts, whether you’re prone to them or in the early stages of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Fortunately, you can use colloidal silver for kidney infections whether you’re working to prevent them, or adding it as complimentary support.

Colloidal silver is pure silver nanoparticles suspended in water. Silver has many antimicrobial properties, and supports the immune system as it battles bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. Usually, colloidal silver is taken as a daily dietary supplement or occasional immune boosting supplement, but it’s also known to help with skin healing and is safe to use as respiratory system support. 

Kidney Infection Symptoms

You can take colloidal silver for kidney infections, as needed, or everyday for ongoing support as it’s very broad immune system support for infections—but you should still be familiar with kidney infection symptoms! Once you have a kidney infection, monitoring your health—pain level, fever level, etc.—is super important as you might require further medical attention.

A kidney infection is a sub-type of urinary tract infection (UTI). Your urinary tract starts at the kidneys, where cellular waste is dropped off by blood, continues through the ureters which are pipes connecting the kidneys to the bladder, the bladder, than the urethra where pee exits. Most UTIs start with bacteria growing around the urethra, then spreading upward.

Kidney infection symptoms are important to watch out for, because the next stop is the blood stream (a blood infection is called sepsis).

Kidney infection symptoms include:

  • Pain in the lower back (where the kidneys are located)
  • Fever and Chills
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Smelly, cloudy urine

As well as other UTI symptoms like:

  • bladder pain (lower abdomen)
  • Pain urinating
  • Frequent and unsatisfying urination

Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infection Symptoms

You can take colloidal silver for kidney infections, urinary tract infections, or other signs of infection like fever, pain, and redness/swelling. Colloidal silver can be used daily, or only when you think you need extra support—you have the freedom to meet your own needs and react to your specific body, health, and lifestyle. Colloidal silver can be taken as additional or complementary support for kidney infections.

Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infection Causes

Causes of kidney infections are often the same as causes of UTIs, which most kidney infections start as. UTIs are often caused by not peeing enough/drinking enough water (which helps to clear away bacteria) and accumulation of bacteria outside the urethra. When you take colloidal silver for kidney infections or other reasons, some will pass through the urinary tract offering direct support.

Occasionally, kidney infections are secondary to an infection elsewhere in the body (like an artificial joint or other support piece). Other unique risk factors for kidney infections include having a malfunctioning urinary tract (where some urine flows backwards), having a catheter or kidney stone, or having other chronic health conditions including a weakened immune system. 

When to Take Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infections

If you have colloidal silver, take colloidal silver for kidney infections before they start. People with increased risk of kidney infections can take colloidal silver as a daily supplement. If you’re using colloidal silver for an occasional boost, take colloidal silver at the first sign of a UTI—pain when urinating, fever, frequent urination, and smelly or cloudy urine. Hopefully you will not need to take colloidal silver for a kidney infection!

Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infection Prevention

 Preventing UTIs is the best way to prevent kidney infections. You can take colloidal silver for kidney infection prevention on top of other UTI prevention practices:

  • Both men and women should pee after intercourse.
  • Women are more at risk for UTIs because they have a shorter urethra and should always wipe front to back.
  • Older men are at higher risk for UTIs and kidney infections because prostate problems can lead to less frequent/complete urination.
  • Drinking plenty of water and using the bathroom frequently helps keep the bladder clean.

In addition to colloidal silver for kidney infections and UTIs in general, cranberry juice (not cocktail juice and without added sugars) is a good natural treatment—it’s acidic nature may help kill bacteria and one study found that it may make it harder for bacteria to stick to the bladder wall.

Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infection in Pets

Colloidal silver is also safe for dogs and cats, and may be used to treat or prevent kidney infection in pets. When you use colloidal silver for kidney infection in pets, just give them a very small amount in their water bowl.

You can use colloidal silver for kidney infections and so much more, so make sure you have colloidal silver ready to use in your home care.


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