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A sharp pain, a throbbing, a take-over of your entire head that makes it impossible to think, or eat, or do anything but feel the pain… toothaches are one of the worst afflictions! Toothaches are painful and expensive, and if you have one you may be desperate for long-lasting toothache relief.


Colloidal silver is well-known in the natural health community because it’s so effective and versatile—people have found many uses for colloidal silver! But does colloidal silver help toothaches? The answer is yes and no. Colloidal silver is not pain relief and will not directly stop a toothache, but it can be used as part of how you support your dental/oral health!

First, Colloidal Silver is NOT Pain Relief

Colloidal silver is not a pain reliever. Over-the-counter pain relievers generally work by blocking pain signals, and colloidal silver doesn’t do anything like that.

What colloidal silver does do is support the immune system against pathogens, and bacteria are a common cause of toothache. With good dental habits and colloidal silver as a support, the answer may be “kind of” to “does colloidal silver help toothaches”.

How Does Colloidal Silver Help Toothaches?

“Sugar Bugs” are the way dentists describe the bacteria that cause tooth decay (and eventually toothaches). They eat sugars in our mouths and turn them into acids that rot our teeth. The more we feed them the more there are.

Drinking water, brushing teeth, and limiting sweet foods (including carbs) can help keep teeth healthy.

But you may do all that and still be prone to tooth decay and toothaches!

Some people have bad luck. They got bad genetics, or they picked up a sturdier “sugar bug” that won’t go down without a fight. In this case, they may need extra support (from immune-supporting colloidal silver) in the battle against tooth decay! Does colloidal silver help toothaches? It might if used proactively alongside other recommended healthy habits!

A Different Kind of Toothache

Not all toothaches are caused by bacteria. Some are caused by poor genes, medications, or other forms of wear and tear (like a chipped or broken tooth, or acid reflux). Once the wear and tear are there, extra care is needed to protect what’s left.

Does colloidal silver help toothache? Only a dentist can properly fix cavities and stop a toothache. But in the meantime, take extra care to support your oral health. In the same way, colloidal silver is known for supporting skin and the immune system, make sure you support your mouth, teeth, and even tonsils and throat. It’s safe to drink (excepting allergies to silver) so it can reach farther than other liquids.

Support Mouth Hygiene

Mouth hygiene is about more than brushing off what you ate today. Everyone carries different mixes of bacteria in their mouths, your pH level can change a little, you could have sinus issues, throat issues, stomach issues… you might be doing all the basic care and still wondering where it’s going wrong!

That’s when you need extra support, and when we look to the question, how does colloidal silver help toothaches?

Colloidal silver is an immune-supporting supplement. It can help the immune system as it deals with bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that might be troubling sinuses (mouth breathing is bad for your teeth), your throat, or even your stomach (sometimes germs cause acid reflux which erodes teeth).

As part of an overall plan to support immune health, make sure you include colloidal silver. 

Does Colloidal Silver Help Toothache? As part of a team!

Do more than brush and floss. Start taking colloidal silver! And if you already take colloidal silver as a daily immune-supporting supplement, be sure to swish and gargle before you swallow.

Add colloidal silver to these other above-and-beyond healthy teeth habits:

-Swap sugar for veggies, and encourage the growth of healthier bacteria throughout your body.

-Drink more water, never let your mouth get dry

-Treat mouth breathing and snoring

-Remember, it’s not just your mouth that can impact your teeth—it’s your sinuses, tonsils, throat, and stomach! Keep your overall health in mind because it’s all related!

Oral Health Impacts Overall Health!

Toothaches hurt, but so do heart attacks, stomach issues, and bigger, deeper health problems that can be worsened by poor oral health.

The question is bigger than just, “does colloidal silver help toothaches?”—it’s about supporting overall oral health, and in turn, overall body health and mental wellbeing

Colloidal silver is great overall health support. Make it a part of your routine, for dental health and beyond! 


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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