Whatever you love to do outside—walks, peaceful time in the garden, golf, tennis, hiking or climbing—there are some warm days appearing on the calendar to do it. But, there are still plenty of cool days, with wind, rain, or even snow, depending on where you live. So make the most of your time playing outside with colloidal gold!

How does colloidal gold help? It’s reported to boost mental acuity; that includes memory, focus & concentration, mood, visual acuity, and even hand-eye coordination and energy.

It’s not like caffeine, though. The energy you feel won’t be the electric jolt, it won’t trigger insomnia, and it won’t crash. Instead, it’s derived from that same place that boosts your calm, focus, and concentration. It’s more of a subtle “get things done” energy/clarity than a frenzy.

If you’re going to be engaging in fast-paced activity, it’s a better way to support yourself. In addition to other preventative care like stretching, drinking water, and practicing techniques, a little colloidal gold each day can help give you a focused edge over your opponent. Or it can just help you turn inward and enjoy your time in the peaceful outside!

Colloidal gold works best as a daily supplement. While some use it as a boost when they have an important day (like a test, presentation, or important meeting), it is more effective when it’s a small but regular part of your morning.

Help nurture your creativity, clear brain fog, and hone your skills with colloidal gold. Indoors and out, after a few weeks you’ll notice the difference that supplementing with colloidal gold will make.

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