According to researchers, long lasting mental health isn’t usual. Just like our bodies get sick, our minds do, too. And just like our bodies, our minds tend to heal and return to normal after time.

That means that many of the things we do for our bodies, we should be adapting for our minds. We eat right to support a slim waist, we could also be eating to support a spry mind. Our brain uses a lot of energy, so go easy on some of the more extreme low-calorie diets, and make sure to eat lots of antioxidant rich berries (try the superfood berries found in Longevity Formula).

Or exercise: just like our body not only benefits from movement, but from different movements, so our mind benefits from being used for various activities. And that’s easy, just take whatever you are doing, and do it actively with your mind (be in the moment). Let’s take TV for example, since almost everyone spends at least a little time per day in front of it. You can watch passively and zone out, or you can watch actively, laughing at jokes, anticipating what comes next, and letting your brain be lively in response to the stimulation. Actively involving your brain in what you’re doing (not drifting away or spinning your wheels about something else) gives it different activities to stretch out in, from “boring” things you do everyday to more complicated tasks.

But just like stress can harm your body, you want to give your brain down time, too. Meditation is a proven way to boost mental and physical health, or you can apply the above method of using your brain in the moment for a calm task (cleaning, crafting, organizing a space you use for more active times). And occasionally spacing out works, too. The further back in time you go, the more humans seemed to have spent doing it.

You support your body, so don’t forget to support your mind. Colloidal gold is a great way to deliver a little mental boost into each day. Colloidal gold has been reported to boost memory, mood, focus, and more. If you’re going to be taking gold care of your mind, do it with a little help from colloidal gold.

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