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There are many colloidal supplements. Colloidal silver is the most well-known and, probably, used—but colloidal gold and colloidal copper are also popular.

Probably the least well-known colloidal supplement is colloidal palladium. What is colloidal palladium? How does colloidal palladium work? Why do people take colloidal palladium?

If you love colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and colloidal copper, this is your chance to learn more about another useful colloid: colloidal palladium.

Why Palladium?

Palladium is an element in the platinum group of metals—you may have encountered it in fine jewelry before. It’s considered rare, and it’s used in all sorts of ways —including in the medical field.

Palladium hasn’t been studied for its effects on humans almost at all, but because it’s an element with certain predictable properties and has long been considered safe for humans, people believe there are various benefits to using colloidal palladium as a supplement.

There’s no precise answer to “how does colloidal palladium work?” because of the lack of studies, but people think that it may help fight free radicals, support tissue regeneration, and even support brain function.

The Benefits of Choosing a Colloid

While the use of palladium, in general, remains somewhat anecdotal, there is a specific benefit to how does colloidal palladium work: unlike other forms of palladium, high-quality colloidal palladium offers purity (and thus safety) as well as no taste.

Purity & Quality

If you decide to fact-check the safety of palladium with a quick internet search, read carefully. It’s when palladium is a salt, compound, or in other uses/forms that it becomes dangerous. Pure palladium is generally considered safe. 

How does colloidal palladium work? When you choose true, pure colloids (not ionic products, products labeled “colloids” that require additives or other special stabilization) you get a lab-tested, quality-assured product. This is a much safer way to supplement palladium into your diet.


If certain tastes bother you, one of the benefits of how colloidal palladium works (as opposed to ionic palladium or palladium in other forms) is that it’s tasteless. Ionic products (which still sometimes call themselves colloids) can often have strong tastes, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to have stronger taste buds! For comfort and quality, colloidal palladium is a better choice.


High-quality pure colloids are made with a safer, more complex process than other, similar products and homemade colloids. As long as you choose true colloids, another aspect of how does colloidal palladium work is that you are getting a higher-quality, safer, better product.

How Does Colloidal Palladium Work for You?

Ultimately, the only way to find out how colloidal palladium works is to experience it for yourself.

When you’re trying something new in your diet, make sure that you only try one new thing at once. If you add colloidal palladium, don’t add other new supplements for about two weeks while you see how colloidal palladium may benefit your mind and body.

Often, it can be good to take notes about how does colloidal palladium works. It can be as simple as a calendar where you rate how you felt each day and add any special notes about it.

Check for Allergies

Because you’re unlikely to have had contact with palladium before, it’s important to make sure that you’re not one of the rare people with an allergy to palladium. Put a little palladium on your skin and watch for a reaction for about thirty minutes.

Should you be worried? Not if you follow your instincts and common sense. Palladium is often used as a coating on medical devices and implants, in dentistry, and more because of the low risk of allergy or other adverse reactions.

Like other colloids, you can answer how does colloidal palladium works however you want, because the ultimate goal is support for your health and your best self. Listen to your body and mind and make adjustments so that it works best for you.

Now that you’re more familiar with colloidal palladium, consider trying it for yourself. 


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