These days, you need to read the label before you eat anything, because of trans fats (hydrogenated oils), preservatives, and allergens.

The same principal applies to supplements, something else you put in your body. For example, grocery store multivitamins may have additives, may not have the quality you need (especially if you take them for a disease like IBD), or may have other disappointments.

Other supplements need similar consideration. Colloidal Silver has many different forms out there. The purest colloids contain only water and silver, but there are other brands that use other additives or tricks.

Choosing The Purest Colloids

The first issue concerning the purest colloids is the percent of ionic content vs. pure colloidal silver (or gold, or whatever). Ionic silver dissolves in water, creating a clear solution. Any product labelled “Colloidal Silver” that’s clear is mostly ionic.

A true colloid is suspended in water, and the particles will reflect light. That gives colloidal silver a grey-blue color, colloidal gold an amber red color. Some ionic solutions are incredibly bad for you. Make sure to only buy 100% Colloidal Gold, for example, because ionic gold is a neurotoxin.

Another quality of purest colloids is particle size. Smaller particles move more easily throughout the body, making the product both more effective, and safe, since if nano silver can move through the body, it can move out. Of similar concern is ionic silver: because it has a charge, it will be drawn to different compounds in the body, lingering. It may build up over a long period of time.

You can use this guide to shop in natural food stores, but if you order a true Colloidal Silver online (like MesoSilver) you can get better deals, like our ten pack or sinus flooding kit!

What questions do you have about how to choose the purest Colloidal Silver?


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