Improve Your Focus, Improve Your Study Skills

When you focus on the good, the good gets better


When Midterms and Finals come around, or when you need to learn a new skill or task, a number of things from procrastination to lack of focus can keep you from maximizing what you absorb in your study session. Which study skills work for each person vary, depending on whether you’re a visual learner, whether you like lists and charts, or whether you like plain repetition. One useful study skill to know is to build a web, and associate what you learn with things you already know, and with each other.

Whatever study methods you use, here are a few things you can do to assist your study skills:

4 Good Study Habits:

  • Schedule a time, and choose a location that is designated (to you) as your study space. This sets the mood for your brain to be in study gear. It also helps if you make studying a regular part of your daily rhythm, and if you can, choose a time of day where you feel alert, but not overly stimulated.
  • Brewing coffee can stimulate your studying, even if you don’t drink any. Studies have shown that the smell alone can boost productivity.
  • Snack smart. Nuts and fruit are the best things to have on hand while your studying. Make sure that you aren’t hungry or too full, which may distract you or leave you groggy.
  • Get enough rest–sleeping allows your brain to process what you learn, sorting and storing information. If you have trouble sleeping, try an all natural, non-addictive supplement that’s formulated to target what your brain needs at night.

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