Face  maskThe image of a thick face-mask, cucumber slices, and a big fluffy white towel is one of luxury—but it doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions, you can have it at home!

The best spa tools are all natural—which means they’re pretty simple to make, and often can be recreated with things you already have around your house.

Whether you’re skin is dry, oily, ageing, or broken out, a skin mask can help correct the problem (while making you feel relaxed!).

Here’s the other great benefit: fruits are common ingredients, and to mush them up you want them a bit more ripe. So here’s where you save money (in addition to the savings you get from DIY): you can repurpose fruit you don’t want to eat. If you’ve been trying to eat healthier, but are having trouble adjusting, you might be creating some waste. Here’s how to curtail that!

Want to get started? Here are some common ingredients you can mix-and-match until you get a facemask that is customized to your skin type and needs!:

-Banana. Who doesn’t have a banana lying around that’s just a little too soft to be delectable? Bananas add moisture and soften skin.

-Milk (Dairy). Powdered milk works best since you can create a paste at whatever consistency. Milk has beneficial enzymes and helps moisturize skin.

-Yogurt. Just like in your GI Tract, the probiotic colonies on your skin are an important part of your immune system’s natural defenses. Plus, yogurt helps cleanse skin and tightens pores. Mix a bit of citrus juice into some plain yogurt, or yogurt into one of the other bases.

-Mix apple cider vinegar and water for a homemade toner (you can rinse your face with it). It’s an long-used recipe to cleanse and tighten.

-Want a scrub? Try some oatmeal mixed with warm water (let sit, rather than cook on a stove-top). You can add in citrus, yogurt, etc.

Here are some other handy ingredients:

-Egg (whole for normal skin, beaten yolk for dry, white for oily).
-Whole-egg mayonnaise
-Mustard (This will smooth and stimulate—do a test patch first)
-Olive or sweet almond oil
-Lemon, lime, or orange

Your kitchen is an endless resource for the perfect skin-care plan!

Post face mask, follow up with support:

-To help support collagen, spray some Colloidal Copper.

-To help fight acne, rosacea, and redness, spray some Colloidal Silver.

As with every aspect of health, sleep, diet, and exercise will also benefit your skin!

What’s your favorite face mask recipe?


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