Instructions on How to Drink Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver has been used for centuries to support the immune system and more… because there are so many uses! Today, colloidal silver is a top-selling health supplement, and colloidal silver/nano silver is researched around the world with amazing results.

If you’re not already, use colloidal silver at home to support your health and wellness. As long as you’re not allergic to silver (most people discover through contact with pure silver jewelry; luckily a silver allergy is rare!) there are many possible benefits with almost no downside.

The Basics: How to Drink Colloidal Silver

If you’re new to colloidal silver, don’t worry too much about how to drink colloidal silver, it’s not really different than drinking water.

First, make sure you have a true, pure colloidal silver. It should have a dark silvery color (that’s the silver particles reflecting light because they are suspended in a colloid) and it should not be labeled “ionic” or “silver protein”. The only ingredients should be silver and water, and it should not be clear.

Then, measure out how much you’re going to take. When deciding how to drink colloidal silver, most people take a tablespoon a day—but depending on your size and other health concerns, you should personalize the amount. A small person will need less, a larger person a little more. As always consult with your primary physician to see if you may have any interactions with your current regimen or it is right for you.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Sick

The most common reason people start taking colloidal silver is for extra support when they’re sick—it’s especially popular among people who are battling chronic illnesses.

If you’re used to taking colloidal silver as immune support, there are just two changes to how to drink colloidal silver if you’re sick.

First, most people change their dose and take a little more.

Second, make sure to drink the colloidal silver out of a cup. While some people go through colloidal silver fast enough to feel ok drinking out of the cap (which is about a tablespoon) it’s good practice to avoid this if you get sick and not leave germs for future you.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver as Immune Support

Ideally, when discussing how to drink colloidal silver as immune support we’re talking about taking colloidal silver daily, but many people become relaxed about daily habits from time to time—so don’t feel bad!

The easiest way to remember to drink colloidal silver each day is to start your day with it on an empty stomach. You don’t have to take it on an empty stomach, but it may absorb more quickly/easily if you do.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Just Eaten Something Questionable

It’s summer, so it’s the season of picnic salads, pot lucks, and dining outdoors. If something sits out too long, or isn’t made safely to begin with (which can happen with grilling—always clean everything raw meat touches, and a big area around it!), it might grow bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Sometimes you just know it’s coming, too. Your stomach sends flairs to your brain and you know what’s coming soon.

Don’t wait. We’ve heard many relieved reports from people who immediately supported their guts with colloidal silver (the gastrointestinal tract is a front line for the immune system!) and felt they mitigated what they felt brewing.

The only difference with how to drink colloidal silver after you’ve eaten something weird— is to do it fast!

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Traveling

Unfortunately, a vacation doesn’t mean time off from getting sick, it often means an increased risk—so don’t forget to pack colloidal silver!

Put a couple of bagged, sealed bottles in a checked bag, or place an order for delivery to your destination. Then take colloidal silver as usual—and remember the steps in how to take colloidal silver when you eat something iffy—that’s a common vacation ruiner!

How to Drink Colloidal Silver with Other Colloids and Supplements

This is almost a trick category—there’s nothing really different about how to drink colloidal silver with other things! It doesn’t have any interactions!

There is a just in case. If you are taking a probiotic or eating fermented foods to support your colonies of microflora that are found in your get and on your skin, consider taking colloidal silver at a different time (even just fifteen minutes beforehand) to avoid canceling out your efforts.

There’s More Than How to Drink Colloidal Silver…

Colloidal silver is so safe and versatile, it’s often used in these other ways:

Skin Support

Silver is known to support skin as it heals from cuts, burns, scrapes, and more—you can even find silver products like bandages.

Colloidal silver is pure nanosilver, and can be applied to skin or a bandage.

Sinus Support

Once you know how to drink colloidal silver you’ve got general immune support, but you can also support yourself more specifically by adding colloidal silver to your sinus care routine (like a neti pot) or performing a sinus flood if things get out of hand.

Respiratory Support

You can also use colloidal silver in a nebulizer.


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