Flu season is still going, making headlines with school and business closures, hospitalization rates, and more… it’s an average flu season, with mediocre flu shot success. You might be wondering if that tickle in your throat is the flu, or if your coworkers sniffles are the start of an office wide outbreak. Know flu symptoms from other viral illnesses, when to stay home, and how to head things off (like with extra immune support from colloidal silver).

On Tuesday it’s a cough. Wednesday you’re a little tired. Thursday you can’t keep going… and by the afternoon you’ve got a small fever. Is it the flu?

Not likely. One characteristic of the flu is that it comes on strong, and you’re more likely to get a higher/definite fever. Other flu symptoms include: malaise, aches, and fatigue (basically the symptoms that knock you out), runny nose, a sore throat, and sometime nausea and vomiting.

“Flu-like symptoms” are often just viral symptoms, so colds, sore throats, RSV or whooping cough in adults, and other diseases can look similar—but they don’t hit as hard or fast as the flu. Many of these viruses can cause lingering coughs, and yes, that cough can be contagious for months!

Prevention is key, but you can’t live in a bubble. Frequent hand-washing and general self-care go a long way, but may not stop the flu or another virus getting through.

At the first tickle in your throat, cough, or runny nose, up your prevention: sit with the nebulizer, take a little more colloidal silver, add a little colloidal silver to your sinus rinse, take a nap… just generally check in with your body.

If you can, stay home and rest when you get sick. If you get the flu, you’ll probably be down for a week (it’s hard to work through), but you might be able to work through colds, strep, and other viruses. Should you? Ideally, you should stay home if you have a fever, and for 24 hours after (medicating a fever doesn’t count as no fever). For a virus, all you can do is rest, stay hydrated, and call a doctor if things start to get worse.

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