Supporting your mind, from mental health to mental abilities (like memory, focus, and physical coordination) doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, these three “M”s are probably already tools you use in your life, you just have to be aware and put a little intention behind them to get better results, like improved mood, and even some mind over (body) matter stuff like better blood pressure.

Let’s start with music. You probably have some on your phone, or you listen to some in your car. Maybe it just plays blandly in the background at work. But there’s tons of research showing it can be a tool to help with mood and anxiety control, memory, and more.

How so? Music stimulates more of the brain sections than most things, and because most of us listen to the same songs repeatedly, we build neuron pathways in the brain that give those songs power over us, forming strong memories that can bring us to tears from the just the intro of the right song, or empower us to forget fatigue and focus on whatever task is in front of us.

Some doctors and hospitals have taken the research to heart. Letting patients pick a familiar, beloved song can lessen the need for pain medication and sedatives, and help to keep blood pressure low and stable (you’ve got to cancel out that white coat effect). In some schools, classes will offer study hours where you can listen to classical music, and then hear that music again during the test, which is meant to help with focus and recall.

You can take all these tricks and use them in your daily life. There’s something to be said for making your own soundtrack, and doing it right could help you have happier, calmer days, and even help to invoke the right memories at the right times.

Next, we have to talk about an obvious one—meditation. But here’s the twist: it doesn’t have to be woo-woo or conform to some stereotype You probably already have some meditation tricks that you use, brain routines that play when it’s time to go to sleep, get ready in the morning, or deal with certain situations. While it’s great to do the sort of meditation where you sit and focus (or unfocus, as it may be) you can actually work it right into your day. Have an awareness to your actions and be intentional about even the mundane things. Letting your mind wander can stir up anxiety, distraction, and lead down a path to tank your mood. As simple as it seems, practicing paying attention gives you control over your mind and body most people give up to autopilot.

Finally, extra support can be a quick addition to your day with MesoGold. MesoGold colloidal gold helps with energy, but it’s not the sort of stimulant that caffeine can be. It helps with mood, focus, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. A little MesoGold to start each day can be an easy way to support your mind.

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