It’s not just tick season, it’s tiny tick season. It’s important to subdivide tick season to reflect the stages ticks go through, so everyone knows what to check for: and right now, they’re tiny!

The size of a poppy seed, early season ticks can resemble a mole, dirt, or just go overlooked entirely. While people who live near tick infested lands may find sweeping ticks off after time outside second nature, it’s time everyone picked up the habit.

Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses are spreading more and more every year, but that’s not all—humans are getting cozier with areas that have ticks. More houses are being built up against tall grass and open spaces, in forested areas, mountains, etc. Trails, campsites, and more are getting more crowded. It’s a recipe for trouble unless people get comfortable with regularly checking for and removing ticks!

Do a tick check each time you come inside– and check pets, too. Not only can dogs bring ticks inside to bite you, they can get Lyme Disease (look for dog Lyme Disease symptoms like unusual fatigue).

If you find a tick, do a straightforward removal and pluck it out with tweezers—smothering, heat, and other “tricks” may increase the risk the tick shares any bacteria it’s carrying.

After a tick bite, watch for unusual feelings like pain, fatigue, etc. There are more tick diseases than Lyme Disease, and even if it is Lyme Disease many don’t get the tell-tale rash!

In nature or in your backyard, watch for ticks, and continue to support your immune system through the summer with colloidal silver.


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