It’s already charted: measles and mumps are on the rise all over, and in several states they’ve gotten a foothold. Data shows that we can expect the problem to grow, as more are opting out of the vaccines.

As these diseases reemerge, even people who are vaccinated need to watch out. For most, having received the vaccine in childhood will be enough to prevent illness, or at least significantly diminish symptoms. A few people will not have immunity—they fall into the small percentage for whom the disease doesn’t take (things like having a weakened immune system from another illness can have an effect when you’re getting a shot—these days, they ask if you’ve had a fever recently and check for signs of illness before administering a shot).

For some, their immunity might fall over time as their body deals with aging, chronic illness, or other problems.

It’s not just kids who are affected, although that’s where it started, and where it’s growing. In states where measles and mumps have taken hold, they’re spreading through all ages. Many may only experience a mild cold, or may have no symptoms, but be a carrier.

So here’s what everyone needs to do: those with weakened immune systems need to beware catching the viruses. This is becoming another common illness that could be serious for an adult, especially one who already has health issues. Those without weakened immune systems need to beware spreading the viruses. Unfortunately, when everything looks the same (like a cold), those healthy and fortunate enough to only experience mild symptoms need to be even more cautious about staying home and getting well—what for them is the sniffles could be caused by any number of viruses that could be serious for someone else.

Both those with and without weakened immune systems could use some support from colloidal silver. When you don’t know what’s coming next, having daily immune support is a good way to prepare.

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