Parasites In Humans From Ticks
Ticks Are A Source Of Parasites

Parasites in humans are surprisingly common. An estimated 50% of US tap water was contaminated with parasites only 15 years ago, Giardia infection rates are rising yearly, and it’s estimated as many as 50 million American children contract parasites annually (which spread easily in schools and daycares). In the eastern sections of the US, there’s Babesiosis from ticks in the north and hookworms (which enter through the feet) are more common in the south.

If you still think that you’re unaffected, think again: parasites are one of the most undiagnosed health problems in developed nations! Parasite symptoms can be mild, and may resemble other diseases. But they can cause a weakened immune system (having evolved to suppress it for their own survival-make sure you’re supporting your immune system!), gastrointestinal aches, and more seriously, infect the brain and cause neurological symptoms (including a change in behavior).

Parasites In Humans Come From Meat

You’ve probably already considered that meat can be a source of e. coli and other (often antibiotic resistant) bacteria. This is due to ranching/packaging processes that result in animal fecal contamination of the meat. Usually, cooking the meat (even searing it to eat it rare) eliminates this problem (unless there’s extra surface area due to meat glue).

But did you know meat can be infected with parasites the same way it gets infected with bacteria? And eating it a well seared rare isn’t going to make it safe! Pork and beef are both common sources of parasites (tapeworms or roundworms), possibly more so in developed countries where more aggressive versions of the parasites have formed.

Pretty much everyone gets food poisoning from time to time, and it’s equally as likely that you’ve contracted a parasite…so watch for the symptoms!

Parasites in Humans From Fish And Water

Water can easily be contaminated with fecal matter from either humans or animals, and besides that carries a number of parasites. Using tap water on contact lenses (parasites can get to the brain through the eyes), or having an already weakened immune system are a couple of the more common ways a parasite can be contracted from tap water.

Both sushi and undercooked fresh water fish can be sources of parasites. While you can protect yourself somewhat by making sure what you eat is fresh and from a good, clean source, that’s not gaurentee!

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What sorts of parasites would you like to know more about, or which areas would you like to know about?


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