Nano Silver: Best Line Of Defense Against Pathogens


Hospital TagAs the effects of antibiotic resistance begin to be felt, hospitals are on the front line of defence. They’ve turned to silver to help prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections—first applying it to critical instruments like catheters, then to surfaces that are responsible for the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) like rails and curtains.

But some hospitals think that silver is also causing resistance: fortunately, there’s nano silver, which is even more potent. But will bacteria become resistant to nano silver as well?

Dr. Sironmani, a medical researcher in India, doesn’t think so. She’s researched silver, using it to treat later stage rabies (usually fatal) as well as foot and mouth disease. Her experience with Nano Silver is that it’s able to target a wide range of pathogens, and over her trials she’s seen no sign of resistance.

As antibiotic resistance continues and more research into nano silver naturally follows, we’ll likely see confirmation of this, as well as of the safety and efficacy of nano silver in humans. The alternative is a return to pre-antibiotic days, when simple surgeries like appendectomies (much less complex ones like open heart surgery) would have a high mortality rate due to the risk of infection. So no matter how fierce the detractor of nano silver, its necessity is changing the scope of medicine already.

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