We’ve talked on this blog about the importance in choosing a true colloidal silver that has small particle size and high concentration, but it’s also worth mentioning that there are nearly as many things to consider when choosing a colloidal gold product.

As with colloidal silver, size matters. A high quality product will offer gold who’s size is measured in nanometers. Having a smaller size means that the gold can be more effective in interacting with your body, passing more easily into the system from the digestive tract.

Substandard products are often sold as “ionic gold” or “gold hydroxide”. Ionic gold is not the same thing as colloidal gold. When a product says it is “colloidal gold” it is referring to the gold being a neutral atom that is suspended in water. “Pure gold” refers to (or should refer to, if they’re being honest) the idea that it is not a gold compound like the salt gold chloride (see below). Ionic gold, because it has a particle charge, is dissolved in water, so it is not a true colloid. Further, ionized particles react readily with their environment, meaning that once ingested, it will no longer remain pure gold, but quickly form some other compound. You can sometimes identify ionic products (whether gold or silver) when the manufacturer insists they need to come in a glass container, since an ionized product may interact with some plastic containers.

Dangerously, many of the products labeled as ionic gold or gold hydroxide are actually gold chloride, a salt that is known to be a neurotoxin. Taking gold chloride is hazardous to your health, and can potentially make you very sick.

Always read labels carefully, and read between the lines of any claims. An appropriately labelled colloidal gold supplement should be made with distilled water and with the highest concentration of very small, pure, non-ionized gold particles possible.


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