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The biggest obstacle to meeting health goals is often just getting started (and we’ve got tips for that here), but mostly, just start small. Once you’re going, there are often other problems. Sleep, joint pain, muscle tension, and even accidents. You don’t want to lose momentum once you’ve got it, so steal some of our tips for keeping things going even when it gets hard.

Usually, eating a little better or exercising a little more will naturally trigger your body to sleep better. But what if you can’t sleep? You might feel energized, or achy, or your mind might race as it starts to think more clearly and brightly. Most of those problems can be solved with simple changes like keeping exercise before lunch, doing something calm and meditative before bed, and stretching your muscles periodically. But the easy solutions don’t always work. When you need extra support, start natural and work your way up. Colloidal gold might be enough, since it supports focus, calm legs, and more. Or go sleep specific with our Sleep Support Pack. If it’s just legs and muscles bothering you, you can always use Dakota Muscle Relief before bed.

If you have a spill trying a new activity, encourage healing and feel better. If the skin is not broken, try Dakota Muscle Relief, which soothes muscles and encourages circulation. If skin is broken, harness colloidal silver’s skin supporting powers.

Even without an accident, joint pain and muscle tension can come with moving more or in a new way. Stretching can help, but if you need more, try supporting the issue inside and out. Supplements like Joint MGRx and Body RLF can help with nutritional support from the inside, while Dakota Muscle Relief can more quickly loosen and soothe from the outside.

Whatever new things you try or old things you pick up, make a plan to support yourself before you hit a bump.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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