Baking, shopping, traveling, and celebrating will keep most people busy through the rest of the year (and beyond, if you like a good sale). Don’t lose focus; support a sharp, clear mind with colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold is reported to support and boost mental focus and clarity, as well as a good mood, energy levels, and it may even facilitate better hand-eye coordination.

When you’re doubling recipes for the office party, make sure you are sharp about it (wouldn’t want it too salty); when you’re snagging deals, don’t overlook one—stay focused; and when you finally gather, keep your mood up, your energy up, and your memories clear—make sure you’re supporting your mind with colloidal gold.

We used to interact with gold more, getting steady exposure to gold particles. Now most of us get very little exposure. Colloidal gold provides the benefits of gold in nano oarticle form. When choosing a colloidal gold, it’s important to look for an ion-free true, pure colloid. Non-ionic gold is safe (you may have even seen gold foil used in food), but ionic gold is a neutoxin. You can tell the difference by color—ionic products sold as colloids are clear or light in color, because ions dissolve in water.

A true colloidal gold is a deep color that might be described as reddish-orange. The color is the light reflecting off the gold particles (in a colloid, particles are suspended in water, not dissolved—milk is another example).

Don’t have a McCallister moment at the airport—support your mind with a little colloidal gold each day. It’s a boost when you need it, and when taken daily a noticeable difference after about a month.

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