Doctors have a new prescription to help with diseases from hypertension and obesity to ADHD and depression: time outdoors. And not just time outdoors, but time in nature, without the entertainment of electronics, and maybe even just sitting and thinking (so not even pushing exercise, although if that happens, then you get bonus points).

“Feeling a little down? Sit on a park bench for 20 minutes a day and we’ll check back in a few weeks.” That’s one of the cheapwest prescriptions you can get, and it’s more effective than just telling patients to spend time outside or exercise because it’s a “prescription”, there’s a defined amount, and a more formal element that makes it psychologically more likely you’ll follow through–it’s a way to get people to do what they already knew was good for them. Doctors on this new trend are reporting that it’s helping their patients!

Make a defined goal for yourself: a short walk, time spent at a scenic spot, or slow exploring of your local green space. The magic of it is that it’s got multiple benefits; besides a connection to nature, you get fresh air, to stretch your legs (or even exercise), and some degree of meditation, depending on how you use your time.

The daily supplements you may already be taking could help you get more out of your time outdoors, too. Colloidal gold is reported to boost focus, clarity, memory, and more… all things you can use during your time outdoors.

Get the free healing that the outdoors offers, and power it up by starting your day with colloidal gold.

Have you tried nature as a healing mechanism?


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