Spending time with animals can help relax you and improve heart health, mental health, and more. But that’s if they’re friendly and healthy. For owners with sick pets, they’re more likely to develop depression and anxiety. Caretakers need a little love and consideration, too.

First, clear your mind; make sure you’ve done everything you can for your sick pets. Work out a care plan with your vet, make sure you’ve got their favorite toys and treats tucked away, and give them a little extra boost in their water bowl with colloidal silver.

Then, take care of yourself.

Start by making sure you’re getting all your own basic needs met, enough sleep, good food backed up by a multivitamin, and you’re in touch with your own health.

Schedule breaks where you are doing something for yourself, away from your pet. Grounding yourself in other hobbies helps keep the anxiety and worry over a sick pet from sinking in. Exercise and art are known to help reduce stress and improve mental health.

If you need extra mental health support, grab some of our best brain supporting supplements. Pair mind supporting colloidal gold (known for supporting mood as well as memory, focus, and more) with D.S.A. MGRx herbal and nutritional support. D.S.A. MGRx is easy to take, it’s easy to tell how much you need, and when you don’t need it anymore.

When you take care of you, you can take better care of your sick pets. And if it’s a chronic illness, make sure you’ve got the strength for the long haul by focusing on yourself, first.

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