One of the most asked questions we get is about silver studies…and we try to keep you updated on all the colloidal silver and nano silver research right here on the blog! But if you missed some of the more exciting silver articles, or you want an easier reference guide, here’s a few quick tips for staying in the know about colloidal silver…

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Want to browse through silver studies we’ve found?

-Make sure you click the “articles” tab at Colloids For Life. Not only are their colloidal silver studies, but a few about some key vitamins and minerals!
-Don’t forget to check out the bacteriological studies of silver, including a few that feature MesoSilver specifically.

And here’s three of the most interesting studies we’ve found:
-In 2010 research came out of Hong Kong looking at potential medical applications for colloidal silver. One of the big findings? Particle size is crucial for efficacy.
-Last year scientists did a study using nano silver, ionic silver, and cells to see how they would behave in the body. Non-ionic nano silver does a better job at getting through cells.
-And just recently British researchers started experimenting with silver and cancer cells, and may soon develop a new chemotherapy treatment with less side-effects if further testing, including safety of silver in the body and human trials, goes well.

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