Woman In  RushHard to believe, but we’re already past Halloween and looking toward Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. If you’re feeling stressed, unfocused, or even a little depressed, make sure you have extra support so that you can enjoy the season (and get through all the end of year work that comes alongside it!).

You can get extra support for memory, mood, focus, and more, all in one brain supporting supplement: MesoGold.

If you want to do more to slow down, focus, and enjoy the season, you can! While MesoGold offers daily support, try and work some other little tips and tricks into your day…

…Like as much #SneakyExercise as you can muster. It might be getting too cold and dark for a long run, but you can work more activity into your day. Being steadily more active might even be healthier than exercising in solo spurts. Try standing more, stretching more, and just generally getting your body to move. Movement helps the lymphatic system and more, as well as supporting your mind, memory, and mood.

And don’t forget to slow down, destress, and make memories. Why not do it over a cup of our Jiaogulan tea? An afternoon break to refocus and catch your breath can actually improve your productivity for the rest of the day.

Get out and get some extra Vitamin D if you’re feeling blue. A little sunlight boosts production. You can also get a boost from a daily multivitamin.

Feeling grumpy? It might be a sleep issue. Make sure you read up on our tips for a better night’s rest, so you can solve your sleep problems.

And just in case, make sure you have immune support. If something is coming on, you might feel tired, or get a runny nose, or worse. Don’t be slowed down, be prepared!

Pair that with some MesoGold, and you’ll be set for the season!

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Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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