As the days heat up, a sort of lethargy can start to take over. When you’re on vacation, there’s something to be said for slow summer days sipping lemonade. But for the majority of the summer, there’s things to get done. Yard work, trips, and just everyday work.

Don’t let the heat slow you down. Stay safe while you keep active this summer, and help cut back the brain fog from the heat by giving your brain a little extra support from colloidal gold.

Start by making sure you are staying cool and hydrated. Current opinion is that air conditioning is worth it, because every year overheating within the home is a problem for people with weakened tolerances (like the elderly). Some cities are even adjusting tax rates, subsidy programs, and more to prevent the cost of emergency room visits from heat exhaustion (which can sometimes include collapsing and broken bones).

Keep water at hand, whether you’re inside or out. Staying hydrated becomes a full time job in the summer, and you shouldn’t leave home without some extra water bottles around. Keep extra water bottles in your car in case of detour or emergency, and make sure you have them on hand even when walking.

If you can overcome the heat, exercise helps with stimulating your mind. And on the other side of the coin, make sure you’re getting enough sleep (even in the face of longer days).

And don’t underestimate a little colloidal gold to help with keeping focused, supporting your memory, and even supporting hand-eye coordination for all the activities of summer.

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