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Once you’ve experienced the benefits of colloidal silver and colloidal gold, you may be wondering, what other colloids could I benefit from? Well, here’s the next most popular mineral colloid: colloidal copper. Benefits of colloidal copper are somewhat more obvious, copper is already recognized as an essential nutrient, and we know it’s used throughout the body.

As with all nutrients, however, the modern diet can be surprisingly lacking—the nutrients in soil varies by location, and can be depleted. Processed foods aren’t a good source of nutrients, even, some countries argue, fortified foods. And while most of us get by, we could also be doing a lot better to get our body the nutritional support it needs. That’s why some people realize that with colloidal copper, benefits are obvious.

What is Colloidal Copper?

Like our other colloids (colloidal silver and colloidal gold) colloidal copper is a high-quality, pure colloid. 

It’s simple; “colloid” refers to suspension, and with just two ingredients, you can piece together the rest: colloidal copper is a suspension of copper nanoparticles in water. You can identify a colloid by the way it reflects light—you’ll note colloidal copper’s orangish color.

The purity, small particle size, and easy digestion are just the beginning of colloidal copper’s benefits as a copper supplement.

What are Colloidal Copper’s Benefits for Your Health?

Copper is already well-known as an essential nutrient. Your body needs it to make firm, supple arteries and to absorb iron.

You may have been told to take iron because of signs of iron deficiency like fatigue, paleness, and poor focus. But if you also don’t have copper, more iron won’t help! Copper is an essential part of your diet, and a colloidal copper benefit is that it’s easy to make sure you’re getting that essential nutrient.

What are Colloidal Copper’s Benefits for Your Beauty?

Colloidal copper benefits your arteries, as well as tissue throughout the body. That means your skin is also using it to produce smooth, firm tissue. 

Elastin and collagen—you may have seen them used to market skin creams. They’re key proteins in tissue that make skin supple. Key to your body producing these?—Copper!

Having enough copper for your body to use means having enough copper in your diet that your body can spend that resource on your skin—keeping it younger and healthier looking.

How Else to Get Colloidal Copper Benefits?

While copper is an essential dietary mineral, another colloidal copper benefit is that you can spray it directly on skin.

You might be concerned about adding too much copper to your diet, but still want colloidal copper to benefit your skin—support skin directly with a colloidal copper spray.

Because of the nano-small particle size of copper in colloidal copper, skin can also use it directly.

Targeted support is one of the big colloidal copper benefits! Targeted skin support doesn’t erase the need for dietary copper, though. And some people even find that when they improve their copper intake, they also improve their hair—adding a little pepper back in.

Who Takes Colloidal Copper?

Copper isn’t just for supporting aging hair and skin. We all need this essential dietary mineral! Staying on top of a healthy diet (including necessary nutrients like copper) earlier in life can help support health and prevent problems before they start. Don’t wait to support skin and hair until you see a problem; and similarly, assume your unseen parts (like the cardiovascular system) can also use support earlier than later!

One type of person won’t get colloidal copper benefits—those with rare genetic conditions that impact how they are able to absorb and use copper. People with Wilson’s or other disorders should more carefully regulate copper and other nutrient intake.

Why Colloidal Copper Benefits?

Whether you are trying to control and balance your health or support your body for natural beauty, we can all use colloidal copper benefits—copper is an essential nutrient, after all!

It’s never too early to support firm, supple skin with a colloidal copper spray, or to re-evaluate your diet to make sure you have a nutrient essential to preventing fatigue (physically and mentally). Colloidal copper makes it easy to get the benefits of copper, in your diet or on your skin.

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