Many people discover colloidal silver because they have one specific concern, or because a friend recommends it to them. Colloidal silver has many uses and benefits, but most people don’t realize that; they use colloidal silver for one thing—be it support through a cold, healing a wound, or finally tackling a small, chronic problem—then don’t realize they could continue using colloidal silver for other things.

So today let’s explore “what are the benefits of colloidal silver”.

Why Colloidal Silver?

Silver, in the general sense, is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. But a bar of silver is less useful than silver nanoparticles, which can spread through cells and more. A bar or coin of silver might shed some small silver particles, but not in a way comparable to colloidal silver, which is made of silver nanoparticles suspended in water.

Similarly, colloidal silver, pure silver nanoparticles and just pure water, is more useful than a silver compound, other forms of solid silver (like powders), and  ionic silver, which is similar enough to colloidal silver to sometimes be confused with it, but is not the same thing.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver? Silver has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and colloidal silver is the best way to use those.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Skin

For a long time, colloidal silver has been used to support healthy skin, aid in healing, and is still used for better wound healing when it comes to small scrapes, burns, and more.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver when it comes to skin? Besides the long history of using it to support minor wounds as they heal, versatility is a major benefit. You can use colloidal silver as a toner for general skin support (acne, rosacea and other small problems). Just spray colloidal silver on clean skin and let dry. 

You can also spray colloidal silver onto small wounds or burns (let dry, then bandage), or directly onto the pad of a bandage for moisture and protection. This is cheaper and more effective than versions you can buy in the store, which often don’t use pure silver.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Immune System

The most commonly used benefit of colloidal silver today is likely immune support. 

People take colloidal silver as a daily supplement to support the immune system against all kinds of things, including bacteria, viruses, and more.

Some people take colloidal silver daily, as a catch-all precaution. Other people take colloidal silver as needed, when they feel like they need increased support. 

What are the benefits of colloidal silver? Control and flexibility. It has a long shelf-life, so you can keep it on hand, use it when and how you need to, etc.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Safety

Unless you have an allergy to silver, colloidal silver is safe to take in a variety of ways.

While most people take colloidal silver as a daily oral supplement, it can also be added to neti pots, used in a sinus rinse, used in a nebulizer, sprayed on skin, and more. People have found ways to use colloidal silver to best meet their needs without reporting ill effects.

Versatility, control, and all-over support are the benefits of colloidal silver.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Pets

Colloidal silver isn’t just for humans, many have found that colloidal silver is useful support for the health of their dogs and cats.

Just like humans can take colloidal silver as a daily supplement, adding a drop or two to your pets’ water bowl can help. Pets, especially outdoor pets, have their own health issues, skin issues, and diseases they face; they can even get some of the same diseases as humans (like Lyme Disease from tick bites). What are the benefits of colloidal silver? It’s an easy way to support pet health.

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Year Round Support

There’s something to the most common use of colloidal silver: daily, year-round immune support. After all, we never know what will happen next, and every season has something—cold and flu in the winter, food poisoning, sinus infections, and more during the summer—so making colloidal silver a regular part of self-care is an easy way to support our healthy.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver? It’s a better way to use silver to support our health. It’s a versatile, easy to control way to support health. It can even help support the health of dogs and cats!

Make sure you have some colloidal silver on hand so you can take advantage of the benefits of colloidal silver.


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