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Colloidal gold– it’s just pure, nanosized particles of gold suspended in water. People have been using gold for millenia, even taking it as a supplement to support the mind and body. Colloidal gold, (pure, non-ionic, and better for it’s small particle size) is the epitome of gold supplements.

Here’s what people say about how and why they use colloidal gold—and what are the best reasons to take colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold is for everyone—whether you’re trying to push yourself to new heights, or need support for something you’re struggling with. Because of colloidal gold’s purity there are no interactions or risks. And with all the reasons to take colloidal gold, there’s probably one that suits you!

Support Sports Performance with Colloidal Gold

While mind-body support is the oldest reason to take colloidal gold, using the reported benefits to enhance sports performance is new. 

According to golfers, tennis and soccer players, and more, sports performance is top of the best reasons to take colloidal gold!

Colloidal gold is reported to boost focus, concentration, and hand-eye coordination—the sort of sharp qualities you want when you’re making snap decisions about where a ball will go, how the wind is blowing, or how another player is going to move.

It’s a natural edge, not the sort of super-boost that’s forbidden in professional competition or bad for the body. And colloidal gold is perfect for professionals, or those trying to get an edge for their pick-up game.

Support Meditation with Colloidal Gold

Meditation is everywhere—whether you’ve downloaded Google’s new app for it, are visiting your rec center for a class (even cycling requires focus, visualization, and body-mindfulness), or are sitting or walking in a traditional method.

What are the best reasons to take colloidal gold? The reported benefits of colloidal gold are all things that will support your meditation practice, in whatever form that takes. Noticing, calming, centering, and tuning up your mind (and mind-body connections) can all be supported with colloidal gold.

Spark Your Creativity with Colloidal Gold

If you’re an artist, whether you paint, write, sculpt, or create using modern technologies, you probably have a lot of strategies to get your creativity going—a walk, looking at nature or other art, brainstorming, and maybe even support like colloidal gold.

In addition to supporting focus, concentration, and energy (which are needed to get the job done) people report that colloidal gold boosts creativity. The best reasons to take colloidal gold are supporting your passions, your hobbies, and your work—in addition to supporting your self.

Support Joints and Legs with Colloidal Gold

A lesser known potential benefit of colloidal gold is joint support. Many people who have arthritis and similar joint problems take colloidal gold.

For those with joint inflammation, arthritic joint pain, and more, colloidal gold is a part of their self-care.

Not only that, but some people have found colloidal gold is the solution to their restless leg syndrome. The best reason to take colloidal gold or any other similar supplement is to solve a problem that might be considered “minor” by others, but that improves your comfort.

While gold has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s unclear if that is why people report benefits from taking colloidal gold.

The Big Benefits: Supporting Depression, Stress, or Anxiety

Generally, when people talk about what are the best reasons to take colloidal gold, they’re talking about the most commonly reported benefits:

Mood Support

Memory Support

Focus and Concentration

Natural, Level Energy


For others, the best reason to take colloidal gold is as a tool in their “kit” for supporting themselves as they deal with depression, stress, and anxiety.

There are many causes to depression, stress, and anxiety, and sorting through them to find balance can be tricky. Colloidal gold is natural, and can be used in support of other methods to help your mind find normal again.

Colloidal Gold is for Everyone

Colloidal gold supports the mind, and there are many reported benefits. What are the best reasons to take colloidal gold? For everyone, the best reason is a little different—but there are many ways to use colloidal gold as support for your mind, mind-body connection, and more.

Try a little colloidal gold each day and discover your best reason for taking colloidal gold.


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