The antimicrobial effects of silver—that it kills germs from bacteria and viruses to fungi and some amoebas, is both well-known and well-studied. It’s easy to see why and how people decided to start taking colloidal silver as a supplement. But what about colloidal gold? What does colloidal gold do?

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Gold, by itself, is considered food safe. High-end restaurants have famously topped everything from cakes to hamburgers with gold leaf. Gold has some antimicrobial properties (like silver)—but that’s not what’s led to its medicinal uses over the past thousands of years.

The big use for body support is to support the health of rheumatic joints. People also use colloidal gold as mental support. Let’s look at what else does colloidal gold do.

Colloidal Gold: What Is It, What Does Colloidal Gold Do?

Colloidal gold is just pure nanogold particles suspended in water (the term “colloidal” refers to this suspension, products with additives to force a suspension or with dissolved ionic gold are not true colloidal golds). It’s the supplement form of gold.

People have been using gold medicinally for a long time, whether using gold jewelry and cups lead them to notice some benefit, or whether it was self-experimentation.

Today, gold is still used experimentally. Gold compounds are studied as possible medicines for arthritis, prostate health, and even cancer.

What Does Colloidal Gold Do for the Mind?

When people take colloidal gold as a supplement, most are seeking the reported mental benefits. Colloidal gold is probably most used as mind support.

Mind support? What does colloidal gold do for the mind? It’s thought that colloidal gold supports thinking, and reported benefits include improved memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy, and more.

Some people use colloidal gold as daily mind support. For those looking for overall effects, two to four weeks of regular colloidal gold usage is where to start.

Others use colloidal gold to push themselves—naturally, safely—toward a goal. To stay sharp and quick during a presentation, performance, or review, to help support mental agility and hand-eye coordination at sports (especially golf, soccer, and tennis). 

Still others use colloidal gold as a tool to support themselves and work through stress, anxiety, and depression (sometimes along other supplements).

What Does Colloidal Gold Do for the Body? 

While colloidal gold is reported to support hand-eye coordination and possibly reflexes (as part of hand-eye coordination), many wonder what does colloidal gold do for the body?

Most people focusing on gold for body support (rather than mind support) are supporting their arthritic joints. A few use it as a men’s health aid, supporting their prostate.

Colloidal gold is a passive, gentle approach and is generally safe to use as complimentary support to other things.

What Else Does Colloidal Gold Do?

While we’ve looked at the main answers to “what does colloidal gold do”, there may be a few more!

Mind support and arthritis support are the most reported uses of colloidal gold, but some people have tried it in support of other concerns. People working to manage ADHD, autism, and addiction have used colloidal gold for support.

What Does Colloidal Gold Do Wrong?

There are no reported ill-effects from gold/colloidal gold. It’s why gold leaf is used so confidently throughout the restaurant industry.

The biggest thing you should worry about is making sure you have true colloidal gold. Many labels say “colloidal gold” in big print or in their advertising, but right under that they’re product has some additive or compound labeled. 

You don’t have to worry about “what does colloidal gold do” as long as you read the label carefully and always ensure you have true, pure colloidal gold. Sometimes the imposters are cheaper, sometimes they charge a premium for their additives!

Find Out For Yourself—What Does Colloidal Gold Do?

Mood, energy, focus, concentration, mind-body support and arthritis support—all reported answers to “what does colloidal gold do?”. Ultimately, you have to try colloidal gold to see for yourself—will you find your focus? Sharpen your memory? Shave points off your golf game?

Your needs and experiences are uniquely your own. Support them with colloidal gold.


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