What Is A Colloid Supplement Good For?


Colloidal SilverWhat is a colloid? A colloid is made up of particles dispersed evenly throughout a substance. Most commonly this refers to particles dispersed throughout water (milk is the best example, it’s made up of butterfat suspended in water).

The color of a colloid depends on how the suspended particles refract light. The fat in milk makes it opaque, for example. Silver colloids reflect light differently, creating a gray but see-through colloid.

What is a colloidal supplement? Colloidal supplements are usually minerals or trace elements suspended evenly throughout water. Colloids give us the ability to create a medium to deliver pure, nano sized particles to the body. The nano size means that the particles more easily make it through the gastrointestinal tract and can be more readily used by cells.

The purity of most colloidal supplements refers to the fact that you can make colloids of a pure mineral or trace element, rather than a compound, ion, or mixture. When it comes to trace element colloids, it’s better that they be non-ionic since ions will immediately bond with the first available anions.

So What is a colloid good for? Delivering pure minerals or trace elements to the body, in a beyond microscopic form that easily passes through the body, allowing the substance to be used by the cells and then expelled.

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