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Colloidal gold is a popular natural supplement, but if you’re unfamiliar with colloidal gold, you may wonder, what is colloidal gold good for? You may be surprised to hear that colloidal gold is good for a lot!

Humans have been obsessed with gold through the ages—so it’s natural some noticed that it may have more value than merely decoration!

Colloidal gold can be used to support the mind, body, and even then mind-body connection.

Gold Through History

Most people know that human’s obsession with gold goes back through the ages—but most don’t realize that it was also used medicinally in all sorts of ways. People used gold on their skin, to soothe their stomach, for general benefit, and for depression (aka melancholy)—something which people still do.

They weren’t just looking at gold to cheer themselves up—-they were using gold foil on their skin, in their food, and in other ways to relieve different ailments. And unlike today, what is gold good for was treated like common knowledge!

A Supplement: What is Colloidal Gold Good for?

Colloidal gold is a supplement form of gold. What is colloidal gold good for that regular gold isn’t? The answer lies with understanding what colloidal gold is—tiny, pure nanoparticles of gold suspended in water. The small size of true colloidal gold and the purity make it the best way to take colloidal gold as a supplement.

So the first answer to “what is colloidal gold good for” is that colloidal gold is good for being the best way to take gold as a supplement, colloidal gold is the best way to use gold for your health. It’s pure (and that’s very important since ionic gold is not safe to take), it’s tiny, and it’s the best way to eat gold.

What is Colloidal Gold Good for?—The Mind

So why do people take colloidal gold? What is colloidal gold good for to them? The most common answer is likely for mind support. Colloidal gold is reported to support the mind against depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as support mood, energy, focus and concentration, memory, creativity, and more.

Colloidal gold isn’t like caffeine or other mental stimulants. People describe it more as sharpness or clarity—they talk about colloidal gold like it’s greasing the wheels. The best way to find out what is colloidal gold good for is to take it for yourself for a few weeks to a month and track your feelings!

What is Colloidal Gold Good for?—Mind-Body Connection

The support that people describe getting from colloidal gold doesn’t just stop at mental acuity—many use colloidal gold to support or enhance the mind-body connection—strengthening the stitching between thought and action.

Combined with aspects of potential mental support (focus, concentration, memory, creativity), this mind-body support makes colloidal gold good for golfers, soccer players, tennis players, and more. For athletes, artists, and busy professionals, colloidal gold is good for a natural way to get more of an edge.

What is Colloidal Gold Good for?—The Body

While use of colloidal gold as mind or mental support is widely popular, it also has been used to support the body. While people have advocated for all sorts of uses of gold, the two that stick out through to today are joint support and men’s health.

For people who are looking for gentler, natural ways to support aging joints or inflamed joints, colloidal gold can be a part of your routine. 

One of the reasons gold is used on food (when it’s not being taken as health support) is that it’s considered safe, and doesn’t interact with most medications or other supplements—so colloidal gold can be an extra edge to support your joints, for men’s health, and more.

Who is Colloidal Gold Good for?

Who doesn’t need a sharper edge for their work, their hobbies, they’re exercise? Give yourself the natural support of colloidal gold for your mind, body, and more.

What is colloidal gold good for? A lot, and you only need a little a day to see the benefits of colloidal gold.

Some people see such a difference when they regularly take colloidal gold that they share it with their dog, whether they’re supporting puppy-focus, working with training an older dog, or supporting an aging friend’s joints. Colloidal gold isn’t just for humans, it can be for pets, too!

Give colloidal gold a try and see what colloidal gold is good for for you.


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