If you’re going to eat or drink something—like when you use it as a supplement—defining exactly what that thing is, is important! And in that spirit, we look at colloidal gold‘s definition. What is a colloid? How or why do you use colloidal gold? Is it real gold? Before jumping into the world of colloidal supplements, make sure you know the basics, like colloidal gold’s definition.

And once we have colloidal gold’s definition, let’s look at how colloidal gold is used at home, and why!

What is Colloidal Gold’s Definition?

To clearly outline colloidal gold’s definition, we need to go back and outline what a colloid is. A colloid is a suspension of particles in a liquid. Milk is a colloid you might be familiar with. Or, at this time of year, mud puddles!

Colloidal gold is truly just two things: gold nano particles and water. What makes it colloidal gold is that the gold nanoparticles are suspended in water. It’s not a solution, where the particles dissolve and disappear. Instead, you can see light reflect off the gold nanoparticles!

That’s the basics: colloidal gold’s definition is simply “gold particles suspended in water”.

And yes, colloidal gold is made from real gold and pure water.

The Definition of Colloidal Gold: How to Tell What’s FAKE

When gold nanoparticles are suspended in water, they shine back red/orange light (larger gold particles might give off a different color). When you know the colloidal gold definition, you also learn how colloidal gold looks!

For pure colloidal gold, the definition should exclude things like stabilizers and other ingredients, regardless of what their purported purpose is. True colloidal gold is stable, has a long shelf-life, and doesn’t need the fuss some products purport.

Stick with real, pure colloidal gold and avoid the fakes!

Spot a fake: ionic products are clear, or they may not have a strong reflective color. Ionic products are also often sold in glass containers.

Is Colloidal Gold’s Definition Different from the Definition of Colloidal Silver?

Besides the ingredients, nope! Colloidal gold’s definition and colloidal silver’s definition are basically the same: nanoparticles suspended in water. One has gold nanoparticles suspended in water, the other silver nanoparticles suspended in water.

Once you know the definition of colloidal gold, you can figure out the definition of other colloidal supplements—and judge whether something is doing a good job or not of meeting that definition!

Can I Meet the Definition of Colloidal Gold Making it at Home?

You should not try to make colloidal gold at home! Here’s the thing that’s really important about colloidal gold’s definition: ionic gold, which is what’s used in gold solutions, is a neurotoxin. While normal nanogold particles, the kind you can see in colloidal gold, are safe—ionic gold is not.

At home, you aren’t equipped to run the lab tests and ensure product quality, and more importantly, safety! While I am also someone who loves to DIY and make things even if they can easily be bought, it’s not worth the risk of imitating products that need to meet a certain standard for safety.

Always stick with quality products that you can be sure meet the definition of colloidal gold (or silver, or platinum).

Now We’ve Got Colloidal Gold’s Definition, What’s the Home Use?

We’ve got colloidal gold’s definition, how are people using it?

People believe that colloidal gold supports the mind, enhances the mind-body connection, and more.

Colloidal gold is taken to boost memory, creativity, mood, energy, reflex speed, and more. Facets of mental acuity, like focus and concentration, may be supported by colloidal gold.

Given these possible benefits, people are taking colloidal gold for a more natural edge to their sports games—like honing the golf strokes or tennis reflexes. For others, colloidal gold is a part of a lifestyle that includes meditation, art, and creating.

It’s also thought that colloidal gold supports arthritic joints and possibly other body parts.

Colloidal Gold: The Definition of Mind Support

Caffeine will give you an energy surge, maybe even a mental boost, but there’s usually a crash that follows (and possibly, that surge is too manic). Sugar is the same way. While they’re commonly used as afternoon pick-me-ups, they’re not the best choices.

Colloidal gold doesn’t work like that—it’s meant to be more of a steady daily support for your mental faculties, helping to facilitate mental sharpness, memory, and more. You can use colloidal gold as a boost for when you have something big to accomplish, but most people prefer to take a little each day.

Now that you know colloidal gold‘s definition, it’s time to give it a try! See how your mind benefits from colloidal gold.


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