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If you’ve read about colloidal silver, you’ve probably seen that it’s been used both historically, and today, to support the skin. So you may be wondering, where can you buy colloidal silver spray?

While colloidal silver offers inside and out immune support as a daily supplement, it’s also commonly used to target specific concerns, like supporting healthy skin. An easy way to do that is with colloidal silver spray. And the answer to “where to buy colloidal silver spray”? Colloids for Life!

What is Colloidal Silver?

It’s always important to start with the touchstone, what is colloidal silver? After all, silver, and nanosilver in particular, is so useful that many products are using nanosilver or other (impure) forms of silver—especially products that support skin!

Colloidal silver is a pure, straightforward way to use nanosilver, inside or out. The only ingredients are silver and water. And it’s economical—you get more pure silver (not ionic silver, not a silver compound or protein), and higher particle density. You know what you’re using, how much, and can better control how you use it. Just make sure you identify colloidal silver products by looking for how the suspended particles reflect silver in a gray blue color!

If you’re still confused, just remember where you can buy colloidal silver spray:

What is Colloidal Silver Spray?

Pure and versatile in so many ways, there’s lots you can do with colloidal silver, including spray it.

While colloidal silver is most often used as a daily immune supporting supplement, it’s long history of use supporting skin as it heals from burns, cuts scratches, and other minor injuries is almost as popular! And a convenient way to get it on skin is with a spray.

Colloidal silver spray is just colloidal silver in a clean spray bottle, or in its original bottle with a new sprayer in place of the original lid.

You can turn your colloidal silver bottle into colloidal silver spray pretty easily, just replace it as needed since it will slowly accumulate silver particles. Where to buy colloidal silver spray OR a sprayer to convert a bottle of colloidal silver? The answer to both is still Colloids for Life!

Why Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Years of evidence and use suggest that colloidal silver supports skin as it heals. While it might seem obvious that bigger injuries should be supported, every tear in your skin is vulnerable, and deserves a little TLC!

Colloidal silver spray is a very easy way to support even small cuts and scrapes, to help support your healing skin so that wounds stay small until they heal.

Our skin is an important part of our immune system, a barrier that keeps germs out. When there’s a break, even a small one, we’re vulnerable to infection, long healing time, and more. It’s worth the extra support, every time, because you don’t know what your skin may be carrying, or what you’ll be exposed to next. 

Colloids for Life is where to buy colloidal silver spray, making it easy to support your skin.

How Can You Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Once you’ve settled where to buy colloidal silver spray, the easiest way to use colloidal silver spray is to clean and dry skin, then spray colloidal silver spray (like a toner). Air dry your skin, then you can apply lotion, sunscreen, a bandage, or nothing at all.

If you are trying to keep a wound covered/moist, you can spray colloidal silver onto the pad of your bandage. This is the cheaper, more convenient (better quality) DIY version of store brand silver bandages.

Use colloidal silver spray as often as you like, or even alongside other colloids like colloidal copper (which support firm, healthy skin).

Who All Can Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Colloidal silver spray is safe for anyone without a silver allergy (which is rare). If you are unsure about your allergies (most people will experience a silver allergy from wearing jewelry), just spray colloidal silver on a small patch of healthy skin, and wait a few hours.

Colloidal silver isn’t just for humans! When researching where to buy colloidal silver spray, you may have noticed that vets sometimes sell colloidal silver spray as well! Dogs and cats have skin that needs supported, too. Outside pets can get scratches, bites, and more that cause skin problems. Stay on top of supporting your pets with colloidal silver spray.

Now that you know all about colloidal silver spray, make sure to check out where to buy colloidal silver spray at Colloids for Life.


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