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Looking for true colloidal silver can be tricky. Colloidal silver is well known immune support, and silver has been used for hundreds of years to support the body inside and out—so naturally, any product with any sort of silver claims it’s “colloidal silver”—even when it isn’t.

One easy solution is to make sure you’ve got a good source of colloidal silver, and know where to buy true colloidal silver! For true colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and more, just head on over to Colloids for Life.

What is True Colloidal Silver?

The good thing is that sorting out what is true colloidal silver and what isn’t is actually pretty simple—and then you can check where to buy true colloidal silver!

A true colloid is one thing suspended in another. Colloidal silver is pure silver suspended in water. There should be only two, pure ingredients. 

Always read the fine print and the ingredients—but you can identify a true colloidal silver by sight, because the suspended silver nanoparticles will reflect light, showing a silvery-gray-blue color.

What Isn’t True Colloidal Silver?

When you want to know where to buy true colloidal silver, you have to get good at spotting fakes!

Ionic silver solutions, which usually market themselves as colloidal silver anyway, have ionic (charged) silver particles that are dissolved (and thus invisible) in water. Other products force a colloidal suspension by creating silver compounds or using additives, and are no longer true, pure colloidal silvers.

While some of these products may claim to be equal or better to colloidal silver modern studies tend to focus on true colloidal silver for a reason. And ask yourself: if some alternative is better, why are they still calling it “colloidal silver” in big letters? Because you should always choose true colloidal silver!

Where to Buy True Colloidal Silver Safely

Colloids for Life is the best answer to where to buy true colloidal silver and other high-quality health supplements. With a high-standard for ingredients, purity, and more, you can have the same confidence in our products that we do.

Where to Never Buy Colloidal Silver

Once you know the red flags about where to NEVER buy colloidal silver, you’ll start your own list about where and what to avoid! Here are some big “Watch Out!”s for you!

Big Online Retailers

It may seem convenient. You’ve already got something in your shopping cart. You’re signed in, and they’ve already got your payment info and shipping address.

But at least for now, you should never buy supplements from certain major online retailers, no matter who is listed as the seller! And certainly it’s nowhere to buy true colloidal silver!

Why? To ship products quickly and keep the prices low to lure you in, products for sale are all mixed together. Anybody can say something is one thing, and then the sale is attributed to whichever seller you select—but it’s just randomly grabbed out of some mixed bin. You might get when the seller you chose listed for sale, or you might get a fake. And when it comes to food and supplements, those fakes can be dangerous!

Until they fix this problem (which has been growing for years) don’t risk your health from major online retailers.

Sites with Big Claims

Supplements are not allowed to tell you they can “cure” or “treat” anything, even if we all have an anecdote about just such an event.

But there’s been a rise in small sellers doing exactly that—and you should pause and wonder, what other rules are they breaking? Many of these companies aren’t around for long.

Anything Changing the Definition of “Colloidal”

There’s a reason the main marketing behind many products says “colloidal silver”! Always look for where to buy true colloidal silver, and don’t be talked out of it. If their similar alternative was better, then everyone would be talking about using that to support their health and immune system instead of colloidal silver!

Stick with what’s well-known, true, and pure: colloidal silver.

Why You Should Always Buy True Colloidal Silver

A long history of use, purity, no additives, and when you buy a true, high-quality product, you get lab-tested purity—always make sure you know where to buy true colloidal silver!

You can head over to Colloids for Life to buy true colloidal silver and other pure colloids, as well as other high-quality supplements.

Start supporting your immune system, but only with pure, true colloidal silver!


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