Don’t Wait, Jumpstart Your Weight Loss!


Slim WaistThere’s a reason a lot of people focus on weight loss after the New Year—they let themselves go enjoying holiday treats!

But you don’t have to wait to lose weight. Focus on feeling healthy and slim everyday—it doesn’t have to be a chore, or anything too different from your usual routine.

-Add veggie snacks to your day. Your holiday gathering probably already has a veggie tray—don’t pass it up for the cookie table! Besides being nutritious, veggies will help to fill you up, so you don’t overdo it later.

-Go slowly through the holiday meal. Taste a little of everything, or go European style and enjoy numerous courses over several hours. There’s about a 20 minute delay between your stomach and your brain, and you can certainly overeat quite a bit in 20 minutes!

-Find tasty substitutions! Sugar and fat tend to feature heavily in holiday meals, but that doesn’t mean they’re your only options. There are lots of tasty, traditional meals based around spices that you can use to supplement a fatty goose or sugary cake.

-Enjoy winter activities like sledding, skating, and trekking across white, glistening landscapes. You only have to engage in moderate exercise 20 minutes a day to meet the minimum requirements!

-Be careful when you buy new clothes. It’s easy to gain weight if you’ve got a closet full of your new, bigger size. An old high school teacher said his weight secret was that his wife bought his clothes, and always in the same size. If he wanted his pants to button, he had to be careful with what he ate! Another friend was constantly talking about weight loss, until he bought new clothes. Three years later, he’s maintained his larger size.

-Consider a friend-date at the gym, maybe just to play a game, or walk and chat in the pool. Besides a little exercise, it will get you out of your Christmas sweater and help you start thinking about spring fashions and swimsuits! Plus, get the feel-goods from exercising AND socializing!

A small step starts today, and really, that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling for spring! If you want an extra jumpstart, add Slim NRG to your diet and nutrition plans!

What are your spring goals?


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