Headaches, muscle aches, even some types of joint pain can find relief with the hot/cold sensation of Dakota Muscle Relief. Whether you’re in a part if the country still shoveling snow, experiencing the pressure drops before april thunderstorms, or getting active in spring sunshine, make sure you’ve got physical support for aches and pains from Dakota Muscle Relief.

First, what is Dakota Muscle Relief? It’s not the stinky, chemical laden muscle rub you’re used to. With a short list of recognizable ingredients, Dakota Muscle Rub generates a hot, then cold sensation on the skin, while releasing only a pleasant, peppermint smell (it dissipates quickly, but before it does, the smell can help clear/open sinuses, and relieve some types of headaches/migraines).

Use Dakota Muscle Rub to help relieve tension, from sore, stiff, knotted muscles, or the tension around the shoulders and neck that can make your head feel like it’s being squeezed in a vice. Use it early, before tension builds up, or use it when it’s all-over bad—it helps with both severities. If you have midnight aches giving you insomnia, use Dakota Muscle Relief before bed to get your legs, back, arms and neck more relaxed for peaceful slumber.

Headache? Migraine? Some types can be relieved by a little Dakota Muscle Relief either on neck and shoulders, or lightly applied to the temples. Peppermint is often the right smell, and the hot/cold stimulation triggers a relaxation in muscles that can ease back the pain until you’re functioning, if not better. And let’s be real, sometimes it’s the headache that causes muscle tension, spiraling into full body pain. Stay ahead of it with Dakota Muscle Relief.

Pinched nerves, inflammation in joints, and other aches are also given some relief by the stimulation of Dakota Muscle Relief. It’s easy, versatile, and quick. If you don’t have some at your bedside, in your medicine cabinet, or in your gym bag, you’re missing out on easy, fast relief.

Don’t put up with muscle aches, tackle them quickly with Dakota Muscle Relief.

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