No Excuses—It’s Just 11 Minutes


Health agencies really, really want you to get some exercise. You don’t have to get fit, sweat it out, or make major lifestyle changes—just get active for 11 minutes each day. A walk, some intense cleaning, anything that gets you up can moving can count. And while it may be better to get your heart rate up for some and burn some calories, even some movement can have serious health benefits, like improved longevity, better heart health, better sleep, a sharper, happier brain, lower cancer risk, stronger body, and lower fall risk as you age.

With so much to gain, here are some tips to help you get up and get started:

Choose something you both enjoy, and are physically capable of. Golf, swimming, walks, gardening… there are many hobbies that will also get you to your moderate exercise quota, that you may already enjoy. Just recommit to spend a couple hours at them spread out over a week.

Don’t suffer through any aches in joints or muscles you get. Prevent them by doing some light stretching each day, then soothe them with Dakota Muscle Relief. With natural ingredients and no medicinal smell, Dakota Muscle Relief eases aches and pains with a hot cold sensation, so your evening walk won’t cause pains that interfere with sleeping.

Bring a friend. Two legs or four, you’re more likely to stick with it if you have some company, or someone else you’re doing it for. Treat your dog to longer walks, or a regular playdate in the yard.

Don’t let odor deter you—if you can’t stand the smelly shoes or other odors being active might bring home, keep them down until laundry day with Smelly Shoe Spray. With a fresh burst of peppermint and germ fighting colloidal silver, it can help keep your shoes in good condition.

And once you get going, consider upping the challenge after a few months. Do it a little longer, a little harder, or add in a second activity.

What tips or tricks do you use to get moving?


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