Start Healthy Holiday Rituals


Over the years, we’ve upgraded our diets, our lifestyles, and as a culture we’re heading toward more healthy foods, fewer processed foods, and adding health to every aspect of day-to-day living.

So why not add it to our holiday routines, too?

Try adding afternoon tea!

Flavanoids and other components give tea lots of health benefits. Different teas have different advantages—whether it’s a true green or black tea, an herbal tea, or a different type of leaf altogether.

We recommend our Jiaogulan Herbal tea—it’s free of caffeine. The region where it’s grown in south-east Asia regards it as a “long-life” tea, and it may support cardiovascular health!

Add a calm, introspective moment!

You may have gone around the table at Thanksgiving, talking about what you’re grateful for, but the end of the year is the perfect time to take 10-20 minutes alone to contemplate.

Consider it a type of meditation, which is great for your mind. Or use it as a wellness check-in, to evaluate how you’re feeling.

Find new physical activities!

Thanksgiving football, December sledding, ice-skating, all great winter activities. But they can also be a little too rough for ageing bodies.

How about walking (instead of driving) to look at Christmas lights? Restarting the tradition of caroling for more walking? Or walking to deliver small Christmas tokens to neighbors?

Use your mind!

Christmas movies are a pretty common tradition—easy to put on while you cook the ham, decorate the tree, or putz around between presents and mealtime.

But there’s also lots of great Christmas things to read—from older literature with poems (great for reading aloud) to many modern books to enjoy (especially during holiday flights!).

What are your ideas for healthier holiday traditions?


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